If you want to try your hand at making your own pizza (amongst other bakes), you'll be glad to know that the Smeg SFP125PZ built-in oven that comes with … *drumroll*… a pizza stone.

Paired with its rapid-heating function, it makes quick work of waiting for the oven to heat up. Its quadruple glass safety doors means the glass the cool to the touch even at top pizza-making temperature. It is also self-cleaning. 

Makes perfect pizzas 

Most ovens have a maximum temperature of 250 deg C, some lower – and that’s not hot enough to make a good pizza. The Smeg, however, has a top temperature of 280 deg C, and comes with a pizza stone that sits on the heating element at the base of the oven. When heated, it’s actual temperature hovers around 320 deg C. With the rapid pre-heating function, the stone is ready in just 10min. 

The pizza shovel made it easy to place the pizza in the piping hot oven. It was ready in just 3.5min. The pizza was thin and chewy, with a golden, cheesy top and lovely crusty edges. The stone gave it an evenly brown and crisp base, worlds away from the slightly soggy crust I usually get with my homemade pizzas. 

I made a ciabatta loaf as well, which turned out with a crisp shell, beautiful golden brown colour and perfect air pockets inside the bread.

Could be better with cookies

Mine were unevenly cooked – those closer to the back of the oven were cooked through and crunchy but a few at the front didn’t set properly, refusing to come off the baking sheet except as a cakey crumble. The pre-heating though, was as fast as promised.

Great grilling

The oven pulled out all the stops here. Using the fan with grill function where the heat is focused at the top of the oven, my chicken thighs had lovely crispy skin and still moist, tender meat.  

I also made toast. Using the top heating element on low heat, I was rewarded with nicely browned (and delightfully crunchy) tops with the underside still white and fluffy. 


It’s hotter, safer and because it works so fast, is the perfect appliance for families, not to mention, a boon to pizza lovers.

Smeg SFP125PZ oven, $3,080, is available at APS Lifestyle outlets.

This article was first published on Her World Plus.