This machine claims to take care of all your food prep needs, from grating, slicing, shredding, chopping and blending to whisking egg whites, and mixing cake batter and dough. We test it out!

The Magimix Le Patissier
$1,398, is available at Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Jem, and Tott.

• It’s fast. It sliced its way through starchy potatoes and watery cucumbers readily, and shredded both hard root vegetables and leafier greens like cabbage equally well. I couldn’t seem to put food in it fast enough!
• There are two chute sizes – a small one that’s just right for carrots, and a wider one for halved onions and potatoes – so I didn’t need to waste time with extra cutting.
• My smoothies took just a quarter of the time it usually takes in my regular blender. Thanks to the Blendermix attachment, I got a smooth mix without having to scrape down and stir in the sides. It crushed ice well too.
• It whipped egg whites to stiff peaks in less than half the time it takes with a handheld mixer, and even heavier bread doughs were ready in a jiffy.
• I loved that the whole assortment of blades could be neatly packed away in the small accessories box provided.
• Two recipes books come with it, one of which also contains the manual. I appreciated that the recipes told me exactly which bowl and attachments to use. Even the blades are clearly labelled.

• Just two small quibbles about the food-processing function: I couldn’t get onions chopped as finely as with my own food processor, and the potato slices made for slightly thicker chips than I’m used to.
• The whisk attachment didn’t mix meringue so well. I noticed some sugar sticking to the bottom of the windmill-looking whisk, and I struggled to scrape them in fully. In the end, I had to carefully scoop out the rest of the meringue from the sides of the bowl, avoiding the granular bits in the centre.
• Each bowl and attachment needs to be placed over the central protruding shaft and locked into place before you can start a task. I had no problems with processing food but I ran into diffi culties when it came to baking. When I placed ingredients in the mixing bowl before fixing it onto the machine, I found it tricky to fit the bowl and dough blade properly over the shaft, without some of the dry ingredients “jumping” up and spilling.

A reliable workhorse for most cooking and baking needs.

This story was first published in Simply Her March 2016.