Photography Jasper Yu Art Direction & Styling Ann Neo

by Mia Chenyze

You have to agree with us that this vintage-style oven is a beaut! The Mayer Steam oven is a 26-litre countertop model that offers four functions: steam, grill, convection (with fan), and a steam-convection combi.

With temperatures ranging from zero to 250 deg C, you can steam as well as bake with it. There is also a Stay On option, which keeps the oven on indefinitely – good if you’re doing low-and-slow braises or thick roasts that would take more than an hour. 

Other features include a timer that can be set for up to 60min in five-minute intervals, and a 1 litre  water tank which is good for 45min of steam cooking.


  • I tested it with some frozen pau, and the buns came out fluffy, heated right through and not soggy. Perfect!
  • I also steamed chicken breasts. These started to dry out after 10min so perhaps cooking it for 8min would have worked better, although it’s hard to set the analogue timer outside its five-minute intervals. Using the Stay On function might be an option.
  • The water tank was easy to remove and insert. You can also flip open the cover while the oven is in use to top up the tank. But you’re unlikely to need it, as a full tank should be enough for most steaming needs.   
  • Sometimes, a small amount of water pooled on the floor of the oven but it was no hassle to soak it up with some kitchen towels. 

(image: Mayer)

  • The butter cake I baked on the convection setting domed just slightly and the top didn’t crack – a sign that the heat distribution is fairly even.
  • I struggled with the wire racks in the beginning. I couldn’t slide them in and out, and ended up shoving and yanking them instead; they were smoother after 10 or so uses.
  • The oven is roomy enough to fit a whole medium-sized chicken. I gave the steam-and-convection function a go, and the chicken emerged with moist, tender meat and golden-brown crispy skin.

Cleaning it

It was so easy clean. All the inside surfaces – other than the fan vents – are flat and smooth. Plus, I could also run a 10-minute steam cycle to loosen any gunk first, for an easier wipe-down.

Mayer Steam Oven MMSO26, $999, is available at Mayer showrooms.

This article was first published on Simply Her.