Samsung The Premiere LSP9T review

The first time I saw Samsung The Premiere LSP9T ultra short throw projector in person (picture above), it was at Commune’s showroom in Millenia Walk. I had to do a double-take because I thought the projection was from a normal projector, yet when I looked around, I couldn’t see one hanging from the ceiling. Furthermore, the image clarity was sharper, and the colours more intense than other conventional projectors I’d seen before.

I got closer and realised the projection actually came from this unit placed right up against the wall. Fwoah! The white-piano finish casing looked darn sleek and classy too. It was love at first sight! Furthermore, for a device this small, I was impressed that it was capable of projecting an image that stretched across the entire wall! Not long after, I was on the hunt for this amazing device.

The Premiere LSP9T Smart 4K UST Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

While I may like to have a good home entertainment system, like many homeowners out there, I am a tech-noob and haven’t really heard much about ultra short throw projectors before, but as its name implies, this is a newer type of projectors that do not require a long extended distance in order to project onto a large screen. Samsung’s LSP9T can be placed 11-24cm away from the wall, and can project a screen-size of up to 130-inches. Aside from the clear visuals, the unit also offers an Acoustic Beam technology, which provides surround sound effects as well. This was a big plus for me, as most other projectors do not come with powerful audio.

The only downside, I discovered, was the hefty price tag. For $13,120, I could be getting a good quality smart TV, which offers similar image qualities and sound, just without the wow factor you’d get when guests come over and find a super-huge screen instead of a normal television set. Plus, the built-in audio system means you can save up on getting a separate soundbar or external speakers too. Although, if you really want to, you can pair it up with an AV system that supports Dolby Surround sound for added boost to your entertainment.

Online, you’ll also be able to find other brands offering UST projectors, such as the DST UST 3D from Tinymuzo ($1,588), or Sony’s VPL-VZ1000ES Ultra Short Throw 4K ($22,550). However, a lot of ultra short throw projectors on the market still lag behind Samsung’s LSP9T when it comes to design, image quality, fan-noise level and/or user-friendliness.

Samsung does offer another UST projector (the LSP7T), which costs only half the price at $7,064, but with lower specs when it comes to projector screen sizes and sound output. It also has to be placed slightly further away from the wall than the newer LSP9T.

After some nail-biting and a serious look at my bank account though, I still opted for the LSP9T because you know what they say, “Go all or go home“. More importantly, my logic is if you have to invest in a good quality home projector-slash-cinema setup, it makes sense to go for the one that offers you ‘upsized’ elements because you expect it to be serving up hours of binge-watching entertainment.

If you are also thinking of switching your television to a UST projector, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Cost: As mentioned above, you can get an 85″ QLED TV for around the same cost of a good UST projector. Go for a projector if you are serious about upsizing to something that can cast an image size of up to 130″.
  2. Room size: A UST projector might be able to project large images from a short distance, but that doesn’t mean it is suitable for smaller spaces, such as a narrow bedroom. Have you ever gone to the cinema and got a headache trying to watch a movie from a front-row seat? That’s how you will feel if you have to view a large screen from up close. I live in a four-room HDB, and in order to view the 130″-screen comfortably, I had to move my sofa to the opposite end of the living room, which is about 4-metres away from the console. As a guide, if your viewing point is less than 3 metres from the wall, a high-end UST projector may not be useful. In this case, you can either opt for a lower-end UST projector that performs well when casting a smaller screen (up to 100″) or channel your funds into buying a good-quality smart QLED instead.
  3. Ambient lights: If you like your living room constantly filled with natural lighting during the day and brightly lit at night, you may want to stick with using a television set instead because projectors in general perform best with low ambient lighting. Even though I still enjoyed using the LSP9T during the day, I did have to lower the blinds nearby to cut out the amount of natural light in my living room in the afternoons.
  4. Interface: This was quite important for me, and it should be for you too. Normal projectors do not come with audio and more importantly, they do not have a built-in software to connect to the available streaming channels. At the end of the day, you don’t want to end up with a projector that needs to be hooked up to something else in order to access your streaming accounts or log on to the internet. When looking for a good UST projector, ensure that the included software allows you to connect easily to your home Wi-Fi and also to streaming stations like Youtube, Netflix, Disney, etc. The Premiere’s interface is plug-and-play, which really added to my enjoyment.
  5. Fan noise: Some UST projectors emit an audible fan noise during operation. What’s good about the LSP9T is that I could barely hear the unit’s internal fan while I was using it. You might run into this issue with other projectors though.

Premiering The Premiere LSP9T

I bought the projector direct from Samsung’s web store, and the day the Samsung The Premiere LST ultra short throw projector arrived, my dogs were the most excited. That’s because even though the smart projector itself measures 55cm (front side) x 36.5cm (width) x 12.7cm (height), it was delivered in this massive box with extra-thick padding all around.

I had to spend some time getting the unit out of the carton, before I could place it onto my console. Be warned, because the projector weighs in at nearly 12KG, so you want to ensure the surface you are placing it on can handle the weight.

You can see this is how close the projector is to my wall. It is almost covering the socket outlet hole in the console that’s right next to the wall itself. You can also see how far the bottom part of the screen is when projected onto the wall.

Getting the Samsung The Premiere LST ultra short throw projector going was very easy. Simply plug in the powercord and switch it on. You’ll need to give the projector 10 seconds to warm up before the screen appears. Because of its user-friendly interface, you can easily connect it to your home Wi-Fi and log into common streaming apps, such as Netflix, Disney, Youtube and others. I’d give it a 9/10 for its user-interface, because it took me only 3 minutes to get it hooked up to my Wi-Fi system. This is also another big plus for me, since I get annoyed easily if I have to figure out how to connect my player to the streaming apps.

Another thing I like about the LSP9T is that it allows you to configure your screen accurately. Use the 15-point geometric grid format to adapt the screen to your wall or whichever surface you are casting onto.

You can also configure the sharpness of the projection in the settings.

After tweaking the settings, I finally managed to fit in the 130″ screen size onto my living room wall! Notice the sharpness and clarity of the 4K image. In conventional projectors, you’d usually find images that are slightly blurred around the edges because they use a projector lamp instead of the 4K laser technology. You can also play around with the settings to adjust to level of warmth you prefer your image to have.

One of the first things I did with the UST projector, was to use it to view a Korean drama. You can see that not only is the image punchy and sharp, the colours are also quite accurate. There’s no hint of green-ness that you’d get with conventional projectors.

Another thing I like about this projector is that it comes with a safety feature, where the laser shuts off as soon as it detects anything blocking it (to prevent children or pets from actually starring into the laser beam). My dog was quite intrigued by the unit, but I don’t have to worry that it may injure itself if it ever looks down into the projection source.

The 4K image qualities really shine through when you are watching nature documentaries, because the colours of the foliage, wildlife and scenery really comes through beautifully. The surround-sound is also rich and empowering.

I was initially concerned that the row of windows next to the wall would affect the quality of the images, but as you can see, the LSP9T offers sufficient brightness to cast a clear image even though my blinds are not totally drawn down.

Conclusion: I am happy with my purchase, and have already organised several movie-nights with my friends. A projector is especially useful if you happen to love watching soccer matches! I hope I’ve piqued your interest on UST projectors, if you are keen, do look at the various brands around but if budget isn’t a huge factor, and you appreciate the plug-and-play type of interface, The Premiere LSP9T is the one I’d recommend.

The Premier LSP9T is available for $13,120 online at Samsung. Get it at $9,999 (save $3,121) from now until 24 July 2023.