Samsung has a growing line of robot vacuum cleaners, and this one's about to reach out for your wallet. Introduced during the Samsung SEA Forum 2017 last Friday, the new POWERbot VR7000 is one of the many products showcased, including their brand new twin load washerssmart fridges and QLED TVs.

Measuring just 97mm in height, the VR7000 is 28% slimmer than Samsung’s previous generation POWERbot VR9000, giving the new product the capability to clean in tighter, hard-to-reach spots such as the areas beneath the bed or other furniture. The VR7000 boasts 20W of suction power.

With the Edge Clean Master feature, you will no longer miss cleaning tricky corners of the house as this allows the POWERbot to come within 15mm of a wall. Equipped with a 288mm brush on the front allows for easy gathering of dust and hair when it reaches close to the wall. Accumulated dust and hair are automatically disentangled inside the VR7000 with its Self-Cleaning Brush System, which is all collected in the middle of the vacuum cleaner for easy disposal.

Samsung has also improved the VR7000's intelligent gathering features. Combining Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0, the VR7000 can map and remember the contours of your room as well as detect and avoid obstacles that are as small as 10mm in size!

The robot vacuum cleaner's Intelligent Power Control enables the machine to adjust and optimize the level of its suction power depending on the surface. For example, when transferring from a concrete or wooden floor to a carpeted area, the VR7000 automatically increases its suction power to ensure that it picks up the dirt hidden beneath the carpet fiber.

IoT-enabled, the VR7000 can be remotely controlled with the help of the Samsung Smart Home app installed on a smartphone or any other compatible device. Users can start or stop the machine, schedule cleaning times, and track cleaning history by using the mobile app.

Like the Samsung CH711 curved monitor, the VR7000 was first seen at CES last month, but the local exhibition such as the Samsung SEA Forum 2017 signals the company's commitment to soon bring these new products to the local market.

The POWERbot VR7000 robot vacuum is slated to be made available later this month (Feb 2017) and it's tentatively pegged at S$1,299.

This article was first published on Hardware Zone.