Save 1,000 years of photos and videos of your family on the slim, technologically-advance ZenDrive U7M by ASUS! That's generations and generations of family events, holiday trips, and probably someone's entire lifespan. 

The ASUS ZenDrive U7M is an external USB DVD writer – which comes with a disc-burning software that is intuitive yet robust – and your ultimate backup solution for your family. Each writer comes with two M-Discs, which is just like the usual DVDs – but with an archival storage of 1,000 years. You'll never run out of space.

Not to worry – it's not as bulky as it sounds. The ASUS ZenDrive U7M actually measures only 13mm, and comes in a minimalist and sleek design; it'll be a sophisticated addition to your home desktop.

It comes with one-year warranty, and is retailing at a launch price of $69 (with free 2x M-Disc). Understand the ZenDrive U7M better, here.