Moving out and need to get rid of used furniture? Donate them here and here. However, if you spent a bomb on said furniture and would like to recover as much cost as possible, try these two second hand shops, where you can sell it for cash!

Hock Siong & Co
153 Kampong Ampat, tel: 6281-8338.
Open daily, 9.30am-5.50pm.

Image: Hock Siong & Co

Started eight years ago and with two ex-karung guni on their team (the founder and his grandmother), this family have got an eye for treasure. They specialise in restoring old Chinese-style and classic furniture and homeware, like wardrobes, sideboards, chairs, tables vases and crockery –so if you have any traditional items in fairly good condition, give them a call.

They might ask for a photograph of the items to assess them before they arrange for collection and pay for your offerings. They like to buy in bulk, so this is the perfect service if you’re moving house or upgrading your dining room.

Get ideas on how to update old furniture to match your new home!

Second Charm
#05-165 Mapletree Industrial Building, 21 Kallang Avenue, tel: 6294-2919.
Open Tues-Sat, 11am-5.30pm; Sun, noon-5pm; closed on Mondays. Second Charm

The team at Second Charm gives unwanted retro furniture a new lease of life by transforming them, then selling them. They are selective about what they take – only items with vintage value and the potential to be remade into a stylish piece of furniture make the mark.

Faded armchairs, coffee tables, study desks and timber cabinets are cleaned, mended, given a new coat of paint or upholstery. They will pay for your items, depending on the condition.

Note: It's only polite to give these shops a call before dumping your unwanted furniture on their premises! And, make sure they are in relatively good condition too.

A version of this article was first published on Simply Her.


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