Renovating the home can be a daunting and stressful process. So, when it comes to shopping for furniture and furnishings to dress up your space, make the experience as enjoyable, and as efficient, as possible. It will be helpful to visit one-stop shops that stock products from more than one category, as well as offer a wide variety of options and designs to suit your home.

As one of the largest furniture stores in town, Homes65’s 53,000 sqf four-storey showroom offers exquisite furniture, furnishings, home accessories and lifestyle goods sourced from leading brands around the world.

From high-quality sofas, bed frames, dining sets and even outdoor furniture options, you will be spoilt for choice with designs ranging from minimalist to opulent styles. There are even customisable options for selected models, so you can choose colours and sizes that fit perfectly into your home. Exclusively at Homes65 are pieces from over 10 designer brands from Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Belgium, including A.Brito, Art Nova, Barel, Conte, CTS, Fratantoni Ceramiche, Ghyczy, Golden Night, Gorini, Minottitalia, Miazzo Elite Italia, Tonin Casa and Tonelli Design.

Looking for high quality wood furniture? Explore the collection from Japanese brand Clantree, which specialises in modern teak pieces crafted by top artisans using Laotian wood. There’s also a wide selection of other wood options, ranging from acacia and suar to camphor, and many are created using traditional Japanese techniques.

Complete the look with comfortable seats made from bamboo tatami mats from The Tatami Shop, and be assured that your home will be both stylish and cosy.

Of course, don’t forget to get the perfect bed and mattress that will ensure you get a good night’s rest in your new home. With a dedicated sleep centre in store, Homes65 allows you to try out various mattress types in the most relaxing and comfortable environment.

Visit Homes65 at 65 Mohamed Sultan Road,

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