If you’re looking to manage the recent heatwaves we’ve been experiencing in Singapore, investing in a quality fan for your home is a good way to start. However, with apartments getting smaller these days, you might not have enough floor space for standing fans.

So ceiling fans are the perfect solution, and fan specialist Samaire shares some tips on selecting the right fan types for your home.

First, consider the area where you will be placing your ceiling fan and the space needed to accommodate one. This way, you are narrowing down your options for suitable blade widths.

Check the height of the ceiling. As a general guideline, the distance from the blade of the fan to the ground should be at least 2.3m, so as to optimise the fan’s cooling effect.

You might be wondering if the wingspan or number of blades on the ceiling fan will affect airflow. A bigger wingspan does result in more airflow across a larger area, however, more may not be better when it comes to blades. Fans with fewer blades create airflow that hovers over a wider space, but it will generate a higher level of airflow sound, whereas fans with more blades (four or more) produce a concentrated tunnel of wind, so each model serves a different purpose and preference.

Also take note of the rotations per minute (RPM), which refers to how fast the fan rotates per minute. A higher RPM results in the fan generating more airflow. For a fan to operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness, all the factors above have to be incorporated.

For example, Samaire’s range of ceiling fans, such as the Frankfurt SA575 and Stuttgart SA495 (pictured, below), are designed with wide wingspans and high RPMs of 238 and 258, respectively, to ensure the airflow covers many areas of the home.

The range even comes in a variety of colours including white, antique bronze, satin steel, glossy black and matte black. There’s also the option of installing an LED light so the fan will double as a light source for your home.

Samaire’s diverse variety of fans, ranging from as small as 32 inches (81cm) with the Fanniti collection, to 57 inches (145cm), means you’ll definitely find a perfect fan for your abode easily and fuss-free.

Find out more about Samaire at www.samaire.com.sg.