Images: LG

Measuring just 2.57mm thick, the W7T screams to be hung on the wall. In fact, with no tabletop mount option, that’s the only way to set up this “wallpaper” TV. When wall-mounted with the included ultra-slim magnetic brackets, the TV protrudes a mere 4mm from the wall.


A close-up showing the 2.57mm thickness of the screen. Image: Hardware Zone.

Put simply, if you’ve always wanted your TV to look like a wallpaper, a window, or something that will elicit a wow from your guests, this is it.


A single flat cable carries the AV signals and power between the soundbar and TV. If the units aren't placed too far apart, the standard 40cm cable will do. A 160cm extension is also included in the box. Suffice to say, to achieve the best look, you need to hide this cable. Image: Hardware Zone.

To get to this thinness, LG has to pull out most of the TV’s processing guts and ports and place them somewhere. And that somewhere is the 4.2-channel soundbar that comes with the TV. 


There are two upward-firing speakers on the soundbar (one on each end) for better Atmos surround sound reproduction. Image: Hardware Zone.

On it you’ve four HDMI connections, three USB ports, and one optical audio input for your modern source devices, along with the usual fare of RF, composite, LAN, and RS232C jacks.

A single cable is used to connect this soundbar to the TV; and while it looks fairly discreet, it’s best hidden behind a feature wall if you’re striving for the cleanest look.


The LG Signature W7T, $12,888, is due to arrive in stores in May.


Adapted from Hardware Zone.