In the digital age we're living in, more everyday objects are being upgraded to incorporate advanced technology and become "smart" systems, appliances, electronics, and so on. The Mirror, by local company FRED Technologies, is the world's first luxury smart mirror — a futuristic take on the basic, humble reflective glass that actually is an important component of most homes.


Mirror is a waterproof smart mirror that does not fog up and remains clear of stains and spots. It has a slim profile and champagne-gold frame, making it a beautiful piece not just for the bathroom, but also for the study or bedroom, or even public spaces such as salons, galleries or boutiques.

Equipped with a proximity sensor, it detects when you approach and brings up a smart screen beneath the glossy surface, so you can control apps and have information on demand.  It dims and appears to be a regular mirror when you walk away.


Imagine no longer needing to pick up your smart phone in the morning, and being able to keep updated and informed on news, weather, calendar events and social media feeds as you get ready for the day ahead. Or winding down to your favourite tunes, emitted from the built-in speakers, while soaking in your bathtub. There's an air purifying system integrated into its sleek design, too!

Furthermore, control Mirror with voice commands and connect third-party lifestyle devices to it.

FRED (stands for Future Ready, Everything Digital) Technologies was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Yuan, who previously worked in the tiles and ceramics industry. He was inspired to create Mirror, having observed that one of the pet peeves of luxury home owners is black spots on the bathroom mirror due to the oxidation of the reflective mercury layer. Sized at 800 x 500 x 18 mm and weighing 9kg, it is the first product of Fred Technologies and limited to only 500 pieces worldwide.

Mirror, $2,700, is available online at