It’s nice when the stuff of viral memes come to life, whether it’s in the form of GE-related T-shirts, bags, stickers, or even phone covers. 

One other product, however, landed months after it first went viral, but has proven no less popular.

On April 3, when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the plan for the initial month-long circuit breaker, it was not just the news that caught people’s attention.

PM Lee on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore on 3 April 2020

PM Lee gave an update on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore on 3 April 2020. He spoke in English, Malay, and Chinese. He announced new measures to further curb the spread of COVID-19.#SGUnited

Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Friday, 3 April 2020

Instead, the cup that PM Lee took sips from was the other huge takeaway from his speech, with netizens poking fun at how he appeared to speak in a different language each time he drank from it.

According to Hype and Stuff, the tea cup has actually been spotted on his Instagram feed since way back in 2014. It was used not just when making his televised speeches, but also at meetings with guests and foreign dignitaries. 

Enter ‘Magic’

Capitalising on its Internet fame, local design store Supermama launched Magic, The Legendary Language-Changing Cup last Friday (July 17). 

In its Facebook and Instagram posts, the account owners acknowledged that the blue porcelain tea cup was inspired by the one that PM Lee used.

They wrote: “In the midst of uncertain times, a little blue cup arise and gave the nation a gentle dose of humour.”

It seems that the nation agrees. Just three days after its initial launch, the batch of 80 cups has sold out. Each cup retails for $38 and is handpainted by the store’s makers in Japan.

The design bears the motif of the Tembusu flower and leaves, but why the Tembusu flower?

“Named as one of Singapore’s heritage tree, the Tembusu is known for its resilience, dynamism, purpose, and usefulness – much like the little cup that brings hope in the midst of uncertainties,” a description on its website states. 

According to Supermama’s retail manager Nadhirah, 100 pieces of the cup will be restocked in September and pre-orders are now open on its website.  

This article was originally pubished on AsiaOne.