cleaning company providing chemical steam cleaning service with a professiona sofa steam cleaning equipment

Lounging on the sofa and snoozing in bed is something that we do regularly, but ask yourself when was the last time you cleaned your sofa and bed? Simple brushing and wiping off visible food crumbs or spills is just not good enough if you want to get to the dust mites that live deep within your sofa and mattress.  

Professional upholstery cleaning for families with children

Aside from any visible stains that you need a professional’s help to get rid of, if you constantly find yourself having watery eyes and nose whenever you are on the sofa or your bed, then it is about time for a good deep cleaning session to extract all of the dirt and grime collected on your upholstery, such as the sofa, mattress, and carpet.

It is also advisable for parents to get their upholstered furniture professionally cleaned to extract all of the dirt and grime collected from the sofa, mattress, and especially the carpet to ensure that the home environment is safe for their children.

10 Sofa Cleaning Services

Here are the 10 sofa cleaning service providers with prices for a 2 seater sofa cleaning, largely with a focus on fabric sofas. However, prices may vary due to the different sofa conditions.

Sofa cleaning service providersPriceBest for…
Ultimo Cleaning$1804-step sofa cleaning
Be Mitey Clean$150Best reviews
Luce Maintenance Group$216Best overall sofa cleaning
Helpling$100Specialised sofa cleaning
The Better Guys$268Sofa cleaning package
DW Sofa Cleaning$1205-step deep cleaning process
Clean and Care$50Cheap sofa cleaning
SG Clean Xpert$260Sofa cleaning and protection
Singapore Carpet Cleaning$100Foam injection sofa cleaning
Beck and Call$150Most convenient sofa cleaning
*Price quoted are based on 2-seater sofas
before and after sofa cleaning service by ultimo cleaning

Ultimo Cleaning, $180

Best 4-step sofa cleaning

Initiated in 2018, Ultimo Cleaning provides upholstery cleaning services for residential and commercial clients, including mattress, fabric, leather, carpet, curtain, car interior, and more. 

The team at Ultimo Cleaning uses a German-specialised upholstery deep-cleaning technology, where you can expect your fabric sofa or mattress to undergo a 4-step cleaning process starting with deep vacuuming, shampooing, power brushing, and finally a hot water extraction and steaming. Leather upholstered furniture comes with a separate 6-step deep cleaning process, with fees available upon request. 

Prices start at $180 for 2 seater fabric sofa, visit Ultimo Cleaning for more information.

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sofa cleaning service by Be Mitey Clean

Be Mitey Clean, $150

Best reviewed sofa cleaning

Rated 5-star on Google, Be Mitey Clean is a team of efficient professionals with a range of cleaning services from home disinfection to part-time maid and marble polishing. There is a full list of furniture and upholstery cleaning rates by Be Mitey Clean which includes both deep cleaning and ultimate shampoo for items such as dining chairs, strollers, as well as curtains and blinds.

Be Mitey Clean’s sofa cleaning services include sofa materials from fabric sofas, velvet sofas, and leather sofas. For the 4-step deep cleaning process, the sofa cleaning expert will do a dust mite extraction, steam disinfection, water injection, and a protective coating for the final step. The ultimate shampoo option will have 2 additional steps of shampoo treatment and machine scrubbing. 

Prices start at $150 for 2 seater sofa, visit Be Mitey Clean for more information.

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sofa vacuum service by Luce Maintenance Group

Luce Maintenance Group, $216

Best general sofa cleaning

Armed with over 16 years of experience, Luce Maintenance Group covers a wide range of facilities and services such as residential and office cleaning, floor polishing and maintenance, aircon cleaning, and even door-step laundry services.

Additionally, the upholstery cleaning provided by Luce is comprehensive as it covers both fabric and leather sofas with a standard 4-step cleaning process that helps with stains and discoloured areas, along with the step of removing any stale and dusty odours. 

Prices start at $216 for 2 seater sofa, visit Luce Maintenance Group for more information.

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sofa cleaning service by Helpling

Helpling, $100

Best specialised sofa cleaning

With over 100,000 customers and over 1 million cleans completed, Helpling is an all-inclusive online cleaning company with a team of hotel-quality cleaning experts. The wide range of services covers everything from regular housekeeping to professional aircon servicing, with rates clearly listed on their website.

For sofa cleaning in particular, Helpling has 2 separate cleaning rates for fabric/velvet sofas and leather sofas. If you have a fabric/velvet sofa, there are two cleaning options that you can go for, either steam cleaning which starts at $50, or extraction at $75, both for a single seater. Steam cleaning makes use of hot vapour to kill bacteria and break down some dirt, while extraction is able to remove most dirt and moisture while lightening stains with the help of specialised chemical and extractor.

Prices start at $100 for 2 seater fabric sofa, visit Helpling for more information.

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sofa cleaning service by The Better Guys

The Better Guys, $268

Best sofa cleaning package

The cleaning team at The Better Guys covers a range of professional cleaning services including upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, general cleaning, floor cleaning, disinfection, and aircon servicing for residential clients.

At the start of the upholstery cleaning process, the pet and child-friendly skin-safe shampoo spray will be used, followed by multiple times of wet extraction, and finally high-temperature steam disinfection for the last step of sanitisation. The upholstery cleaning package by The Better Guys starts at $268 for a sofa and mattress of any size, but you can also ask them for a customised quotation based on items that you are looking to clean.

Prices start at $268 for a sofa and mattress package, visit The Better Guys for more information.

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sofa cleaning service by DW Sofa Cleaning

DW Sofa Cleaning, $120

Best 5-step deep cleaning process

As the name suggests, DW Sofa Cleaning provides a one-stop solution for all sofa cleaning needs, with upholstery deep cleaning, steam cleaning, and sofa stain removal for fabric sofas, couches, dining chairs, armchairs, settees, office chairs, ottomans and more.

For fabric sofas in particular, DW Sofa Cleaning will conduct a 5-step deep cleaning process, including deep vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing of specific stains, steaming, and then the final step of hot water extraction. What sets DW Sofa Cleaning apart from others is the use of specialised steam cleaner that comes with UV LED steriliser with up to 93% lesser water usage when compared to regular cleaning.

Prices start at $120 for 2 seater fabric sofa, visit DW Sofa Cleaning for more information.

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sofa cleaning service by Clean and Care

Clean and Care, $50

Best cheap sofa cleaning

The family-owned cleaning company, Clean and Care has over 10 years of professional cleaning experience with round-the-clock responsive service for greater flexibility on the customer’s end. It is easy to book a cleaning service with the e-commerce-based website, where you can select the date and time of cleaning clearly, without having to go through the hassle of Whatsapp chat.

If you are looking to clean fabric sofa, Clean and Care has a 3-tiered package that starts from $50 for regular cleaning of a 2 seater sofa which includes deep cleaning of dust mites, debris, dirt and microparticles The popular cleaning comes with the addition of steam sanitisation at $70, while the premium service covers everything including stain removal at $180 for a 2 seater sofa.

Prices start at $50 for 2 seater fabric sofa, visit Clean and Care for more information.

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before and after cleaning service by SG Clean Xpert

SG Clean Xpert, $260

Best sofa cleaning and protection

With customer satisfaction as the priority, SG Clean Xpert prides itself as a one-stop cleaning service portal, encompassing every aspect of cleaning for both residential and commercial areas. If you are keen to remove dust mites at home, SG Clean Xpert suggests cleaning the curtain and mattress professionally and thoroughly.

For fabric sofa cleaning, prices start from $200 for a 1 seater sofa for Mondays to Saturdays, with a surcharge at $280 onwards for Sundays and public holidays. You can also choose to top up with ScotchGuard protection for your fabric sofa from $60 for a 1 seater sofa too.

Prices start at $260 for 2 seater fabric sofa, visit SG Clean Xpert for more information.

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sofa cleaning service by singapore carpet cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning, $100

Best foam injection sofa cleaning

Aside from carpet cleaning services, Singapore Carpet Cleaning also offers other professional cleaning services including various types of flooring, curtains, mattresses, sofa, as well as room disinfection. You can choose to watch the cleaning process videos available on their website to learn more about the steps taken to clean.

Sofa cleaning service starts at $50 for a single sofa, where you can expect foam injection cleaning method for fabric sofas as it is a recommended cleaning method to remove odour, germs, and allergens.

Prices start at $100 for 2 seater sofa, visit Singapore Carpet Cleaning for more information.

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sofa cleaning service by Beck and Call

Beck and Call, $150

Best convenient sofa cleaning

As a professional domestic cleaning company, Beck and Call provides various cleaning services from home cleaning to upholstery cleaning. Booking a cleaning service appointment is convenient, thanks to the transparent pricing and e-commerce feature on the website.

For a 1-seater sofa, the cleaning fee starts at $85 for both fabric and upholstery sofas with the best-suited cleaning process to remove everything from dust mites to stubborn stains.

Prices start at $150 for 2 seater sofa, visit Beck and Call for more information.

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