bedroom with storage headboard

When it comes to furnishing a Singapore HDB home with limited space, it is best to look out for multifunction or storage capability for an efficient space utilisation. Instead of opting for custom platform beds to build the storage space under the bed, there is also a great deal of selection for storage beds available in various designs and bed sizes. 

Storage beds are generally designed with either storage drawers on either sides or hydraulic mechanisms. Hydraulic storage beds are great as they require minimal effort in lifting and holding the mattress in place to get to the stuff under. Most importantly, these storage beds are budget friendly and less expensive when compared to building custom carpenter-made platform beds.

10 Storage Bed Frame in Singapore

The price for the bed frame with storage listed below are for queen bed size in particular. There are different bed sizes available for some of the storage bed frames too, so keep a look out for the one that you are looking for.

Storage bedPriceBest for…
HipVan Aspen Queen Storage Bed$549Arched storage bed frame
IKEA BRIMNES Bed Frame with Storage and Headboard$719Storage bed frame and headboard
Comfort Furniture Savannah Storage Bed Frame$798Cushioned bed frame with storage
HipVan Akira Queen Storage Platform Bed$999Platform bed with storage
Cellini Trinity Bed Frame with Storage Divan$1,050Leather bed frame with storage
Kave Home Matters Divan Bed$1,389Storage bed frame with removable covers
Castlery Dalton Storage Bed$1,399Wingback bed frame with storage drawers
Woosa Storage Bed Base$1,449Customisable storage bed
King Living Promenade Soft Storage Bed$2,790Hydraulic storage bed frame
Commune Lyla Bed$3,203.65Storage bed frame with USB charging
arched headboard with bed storage

HipVan Aspen Queen Storage Bed, $549

Arched storage bed frame

There is nothing not to love about this arch shaped headboard complete with foam-padded sides by HipVan. Soft rounded curve on the soft cushioned headboard, nicely upholstered in three earthy, neutral fabric colorways to choose from – ice grey, acru, and cloud white. 

The best part about Aspen Queen Storage Bed is the generous storage space that is cleverly tucked under, which is extra helpful to stow large occasional items like your Christmas tree and ornaments. If you are looking for a single bed with storage, Aspen Storage Bed comes ready in 4 varying sizes of bed frame with storage, from single and up to a king storage bed.

HipVan Aspen Queen Storage Bed is retailing for $549 at HipVan.

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storage bed with storage headboard

IKEA BRIMNES Bed Frame with Storage and Headboard, $719

Storage bed frame and headboard

Too much of anything is not good, but definitely not for storage, where more is more. Having 4 sizable storage drawers, as well as nifty cutouts at the headboard in this IKEA storage bed provides a smart storage solution that enables you to keep clutter at bay. 

With IKEA BRIMNES multifunctional bed frame that doubles up with bedside table function, you can even hide power cables through the designated holes on the top of the headboard to place your night lamp and charge up your personal devices. The IKEA BRIMNES also comes in a king bed frame with storage.

IKEA BRIMNES Bed Frame with Storage and Headboard is retailing for $719 at IKEA.

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upholstered storage bed with drawers

Comfort Furniture Savannah Storage Bed Frame, $798

Cushioned bed frame with storage

More should be done in keeping the bedroom a safe and accident-free zone, since it is often in a dark or dimly-lit state. This is where a fully cushioned bed frame designed without any sharp edges, like the Savannah Storage Bed Frame from Comfort Furniture comes in to prevent any knocks or bumps in the middle of the night.

The slight bend in the headboard acts as a great high back support, as it is also padded with cushioned foam for the extra comfort factor. Slide the 4 storage drawers located on both sides of the bed frame to access your bedside essentials from skincare to gaming consoles. If you are looking for a king storage bed size instead, you will just need to top up an additional $100. 

Comfort Furniture Savannah Storage Bed Frame is retailing for $798 at Comfort Furniture.

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wooden platform bed with storage

HipVan Akira Queen Storage Platform Bed, $999

Platform bed with storage

If you have a particular preference for wooden furniture, you will love Akira Storage Platform Bed. Made out of solid rubberwood, the platform bed gives the illusion of a floating bed without actually being suspended, since it comes with tiny legs that are positioned away from the edges.

With the wide platform on the borders, it acts as a convenient surface to place your phone and spectacles without the need to install any bedside tables. Instead of having the typical under bed storage, Akira Storage Platform Bed is designed with headboard storage, allowing you to have easy access to your nighttime reads.

HipVan Akira Queen Storage Platform Bed is retailing for $999 at HipVan.

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Black leather bed frame with storage

Cellini Trinity Bed Frame with Storage Divan, $1,050

Leather bed frame with storage

When it comes to shopping for a bed frame with storage, you can never go wrong with one that comes with a slim headboard and deep under bed storage, as you would want to maximise on the vertical space rather than the actual walking space surrounding the bed. 

Despite having a slim headboard, the Trinity Bed Frame features a cushioned padding with leather upholstery to complete the luxurious look, as well as bringing additional comfort while resting on the bed. With ample under bed storage space, you can even fit luggage and more in it. There are up to 4 different sizes, starting from $950 for a single and super single storage bed.

Cellini Trinity Bed Frame with Storage Divan is retailing for $1,050 at Cellini.

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bed frame with storage from Kave Home

Kave Home Matters Divan Bed, $1,389

Storage bed frame with removable covers

If you would like to have your very own custom headboard design, then it is best to look for a storage bed frame that comes without a headboard. Do not underestimate the minimal-looking Matters Divan Bed from Kave Home, as it is designed with multiple practical features including a removable cover, topped off with anti-stain properties.

The plenty of under bed storage, as well as a thoughtful side pocket makes the Matters Divan Bed extra special, as it is perfect for your phone and your aircon control. Best of all, there are 5 varying bed sizes, especially if you are taller and require a larger bed size.

Kave Home Matters Divan Bed is retailing for $1,389 at Kave Home.

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drawer storage bed

Castlery Dalton Storage Bed, $1,399

Wingback bed frame with storage drawers

A symbol of comfort, elegance, and timelessness, the distinctive wingback design on the headboard of Dalton Storage Bed by Castlery adds an extra flair to the overall style. Additionally, the beach linen fabric upholstery on the bed frame gives an organic look, while elevating the cosy factor.

What is great about the Dalton Storage Bed is definitely its huge storage capacity within the two drawers at the side, as well as a large one on the front that will be a great spot for your beddings and pillows. Dalton Storage Bed is also available in king size.

Castlery Dalton Storage Bed is retailing for $1,399 at Castlery.

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hydraulic storage bed with compartment

Woosa Storage Bed Base, $1,449

Customisable storage bed

A simple pull is all you need to unveil the secret trove of treasures and barang barang under the bed, thanks to the Denmark-made SUSPA hydraulic system that does most of the heavy lifting for you. The bed storage stands at 30 cm in height and it is even able to fit up to a 62” check in luggage!

When it comes to choosing the right bed frame with storage, sometimes nothing in the market seems right for you, not until you get to customise it to exact design, material, and colour for the Woosa hydraulic storage bed just to make sure that it is what you have always wanted. There are over 100 different bed combinations for 4 different bed sizes, so we are not complaining.

Woosa Storage Bed Base is retailing for $1,449 at Woosa.

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dual hydraulic storage bed

King Living Promenade Soft Storage Bed, $2,790

Hydraulic storage bed frame 

When your bed comes with this cool lift system, there is really no more excuse to not make your bed again. The hydraulic storage bed frame designed for Promenade features dual lift positions, where it is able to move the bed horizontally to an ideal bed-making level, as well as the usual angled lift mode to access the storage under.

Additionally, the Promenade bed by King Living is also great for easy maintenance, thanks to the removable covers that are also customisable in your choice of fabric or leather colour. The customisation also allows you to select between a low or higher headboard, as well as the option of separating the headboard and base for easy transportation, without compromising on the stability when installed.

King Living Promenade Soft Storage Bed is retailing for $2,790 from King Living.

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Commune Lyla Bed, $3,203.65

Storage bed frame with USB charging

Nothing speaks of luxury more than indulging in a good night’s sleep. When your head rests against the voluminously foam padded headboard upholstered in the softest quality leather, it feels almost like your second pillow.

The highlight of Lyla storage bed frame has to be the added USB charging ports on both sides of the headboard, as it is one of the must-have functions for modern living.

Lift easy with the hydraulic mechanism that opens up the storage compartment without breaking into a sweat. For those that are looking for an extended queen or king bed frame with storage, the Lyla hydraulic storage bed is available in 4 different bed size options, along with the regular queen and king bed sizes.

Commune Lyla Bed is retailing for $3,203.65 at Commune.

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