Spotlight is the go-to store for craft stuff and all things DIY, but not many people go there particularly for home accessories. 

We wonder why! There's actually a good selection to choose from. We picked out some items you should buy at their Plaza Singapura store (some at a steal because there's a sale going on!). 


Cushions (from $20.99) can do so much to jazz up your living room and bedroom space, especially those with pretty prints and patterns like this one above.

It's so huggable and pretty, what's there not to love about?

There's an entire collection of cushions in the home decor section of the store in Plaza Singapura, and there's a sale (30 per cent off)! You'll find some real treasures here!


Instead of boring and plain looking containers to store your biscuits, sugar, tea, and coffee, why not by these labelled, sweet baby pink metal tins ($29.99), which have rose gold covers we cannot resist!

Good news! The coffee labelled tin (below) is going at more than half the original price (sale price: $12.99)! We don't know why only the 'coffee' one though, but don't even bother thinking so much, we say. Just grab, and go!


This soap dispenser ($29.99) with its geometric design and rose gold pump will add to the look of your stylish, luxurious, hotel-like bathroom.


I think this retro wall clock ($34.99) will fit perfectly if you've got an industrial- or vintage-style home! Simple, with a bit of old-world charm.


This toilet brush holder ($39.99) is inspired by the design of the Roman column, quirky don't you think?

Instead of those unglam holders, your bathroom deserves something more glamourous-looking, we say.


These poufs are so versatile. You can use them as footstools or ottomans, or just as props to colour your home.

Available in various colours, such as mustard, blue, grey, off-white and black (as seen above and below), they're cheerful additions to your home!

A whole range of footstools and ottomans are on sale (less 30 per cent, and prices start from $41.99), you've gotta check them out!