Space comes at a premium in a small country like Singapore, so it is important to optimise the use of every square inch of space available in the home. Aside from maximising the use of the floor layout, another way to make a room feel more spacious and inviting is through the use of right lighting solutions. If you are going for the more understated and refined look of a modern minimalist interior, consider the use of built-in or recessed LED lights. Neatly worked into the walls and ceilings, these lighting units help to maintain the straight lines and clean look of your home’s design, ensuring that the room looks visually wider and expansive.

Sol Luminaire is a local lighting studio founded in 2008 that designs, manufactures and offers creative LED indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Its products are designed with the contemporary homeowner in mind, and suitable for stylish, minimalist interiors. If you’re not sure how to go about narrowing down your choices, feel free to approach any of the lighting specialists in the store, who will readily offer in-depth knowledge about everything you need to know, and the types of lights that suit your needs and preferences.

The latest lighting collection, which Sol Luminaire launched, is an updated version of their best-selling product, Halo, which is a sleek, recessed downcast light. In comparison, the newly launched Halo V2 offers rotational and tilting functionality and has a recessed height of just 40mm (less than half of its predecessor, which required 90mm height), allowing lower false ceiling clearance, therefore ensuring homeowners can enjoy higher ceilings if they prefer.

The store has also launched its first-ever outdoor lights series Terra and Carra, with recessed and surface mounted options. The first of a three-part release, these ranges are set to create beautifully illuminated outdoor landscapes.

Terra, a recessed floor light made with stainless steel and fitted with aluminium screws for increased durability, is available in one- and four-watt options. Terra’s glass cover is also designed for use in driveways and car porches, as it can withstand a weight of up to 3,500kg.

If you’re looking for a wall-mounted outdoor lighting option, go for Carra, which can be connected to an extender or spike attachment and is adaptable to fit your design preference.

Head on down to Sol Luminaire to find out more about incorporating their various lighting options to suit the aesthetics and usage in your home!

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