It used to be that when choosing a tap for the bathroom, homeowners were restricted to an average of three options: black, chrome, or sometimes copper finishes. Now, these limited choices are a thing of the past. You can have a sleek tap outfitted in polished marble, walnut, or even nappa leather – thanks to the new MyEdition range by AXOR.

The tap boasts a sleek, monolithic profile that quietly commands attention. You can customise yours by choosing both the body and the crowning plate, creating a piece that is truly your own. Our personal favourite? The polished red gold body and white Lasa marble combination. If you ever get tired of the look, simply swap out the plate for another.

Craving something even more bespoke? AXOR can create a custom-made crowning plate specially for you out of the most exquisite materials. They can even make one out of jade, or have your family crest – if you have one – carved into the plate. “It’s all about personalisation,” says Isabelle Oh, a spokesperson for AXOR.

It’s not all just looks, either. The tap features AXOR’s PowderRain technology, which emits a fine sensuous spray that cocoons your hands.

For discerning homeowners who value the finer things in life, or even for those who love the spa experience that a well-outfitted bathroom can bring, the MyEdition tap is a must-have bathroom accessory.