Fancy some Dark Side Deviled Eggs? That’s not a made-up name — that’s one of the recipes that come with the Star Wars Instant Pots. Williams Sonoma has joined forces with Instant Pot to bring us the Star Wars collection — that’s right, a range of multi-purpose pressure cookers styled like Darth Vader, R2-D2, and even BB8.
They come in three sizes: the smallest is BB8, which retails for US$79.95 (approximately S$110) and can hold a maximum of three quarts; the largest is Chewbacca (US$19.95, approximately S$164) which can hold up to 8 quarts. In between we have the 6-quart Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, and of course R2-D2, which are US$99.95 (approximately S$137).
These cookers offer seven different functions, ranging from sautéing to slow cooking, and even making yogurt. They’re available for pre-order and will ship by 13 December. And if that’s not enough for your Star Wars fix — well, there’s always fresh hot toast from Darth Vader’s helmet
Images: Williams Sonoma