From turning on the air-conditioner to taking a cold shower before bed, there are many ways to seek relief on humid nights. One of the most effective ways, however, starts with the material that is closest to the body – your mattress!

The Detense ArcticSilk mattress by Four Star – the latest collection in the Detense range – aims to provide maximum breathability and heat dissipation, thanks to its constructed silk eco-fibres. These fibres not only make your mattress smooth to the touch, they are supposed to help your body remain cool and dry throughout the night, too.

These ArcticSilk properties go perfectly with the Detense features. A product exclusive to Four Star, the Detense mattress range claims to be the first anti-static mattress collection in Singapore. Excessive static electricity build-up in your body may result in body tension. Therefore, you may feel lethargic even after an eight-hour sleep! The Detense ArcticSilk mattresses incorporate ultra-fine carbon fibre threads, which are said to draw out and discharge static electricity at low voltages while you sleep, so you wake up well-rested and energised.

With both the anti-static Detense technology, and the cooling properties of ArcticSilk, the Detense ArcticSilk collection aims to ensure a deep and relaxing sleep. So what are the differences, apart from price points, among the four models?

The Detense ArcticSilk series comprises four models. For Avalon, Atlantis and Olympus, you get different mattress-component combinations of gel-infused memory foam and cooling premium latex, which are additional features that regulate body temperature. All four of them, including base model Agartha, have been treated with anti-dust mite, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-allergy technology. They also feature high density foam encasement, which prevents mattress edges from sagging.

The Detense ArcticSilk Agartha mattress


This 10-inch, tight-top mattress features an individual pocketed spring system with high-density PU foam. The three-zone spring system (available in all four models) reduces posture stress and partner disturbance, while the foam provides optimum firmness and weight distribution. 


This 11-inch mattress comprises the aforementioned premium latex sheet and gel-infused memory foam, as well as a soft pillow top for added comfort. The memory foam will conform to the natural contours of your body. 

The Detense ArcticSilk Avalon mattress


An upgrade from the Avalon, the 14.5-inch Atlantis features a premium duplex latex sheet that allows for ideal spinal alignment and excellent pressure relief. Atlantis is topped with a thicker Euro plush top. 

A cross section of the Detense ArcticSilk Atlantis mattress

The most luxurious of the range, this 15-inch mattress packs a punch. Apart from duplex premium latex sheets and gel-infused memory foam mattress, Olympus features both pillow and Euro plush tops, and a dual-spring system comprising the three-zone individual pocketed springs and micro-precision springs. The latter relieves pressure by adjusting to minute body movements.

The Detense ArcticSilk Olympus mattress

Launch promotion: With every purchase of a Detense ArcticSilk mattress, buyers will receive a pair of Four Star Premium Chiro series gel-infused memory foam pillows.*

*Terms and Conditions apply. While stocks last.

Find the Detense|ArcticSilk mattresses at the Four Star Flagship Gallery at 44 Kallang Place, tel: 6296-5966, and selected dealers islandwide. Visit or for more information.

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