Changing pillowcases is a real chore, and this prevents some homeowners from changing covers more often. Dirty pillowcases, however, may mean the presence of dustmites and other dirt. It can also cause breakouts.

So what if changing covers is made super easy? Sleep Away, an easy-on-easy-off pillowcase made out of anti-bacterial bamboo fabric, lets you have a clean surface to sleep on every night.  

“Bamboo fabric wicks away unwanted facial and follicle related oils, as well as adapts to your body temperature through the seasons,” says Brent, the inventor of Sleep Away.

“We added velcro so the cases will not slide off the pillows – it does not protrude or feel uncomfortable, and it is extremely easy to connect and release.” Simply roll the pillow into the bamboo fabric and cinch it together!

See it here.