Weather in Singapore can get unpredictable at times; it can be sunny one moment and rainy another, especially during the approaching monsoon season towards the end of the year, when rainfall increases.

During those months, you might face the issue of laundry not drying as quickly as you’d like. This is especially problematic if you do not have space in your home for both a washer and dryer. Fret not, Samsung’s QuickDrive washer dryer will come in handy.

Compared to other conventional models, the QuickDrive washer dryer takes only half the time required for a wash cycle. It can reduce energy consumption by up to 20 per cent, without compromising on cleaning performance.1

This is achieved with the innovative Q-Drum, which comprises a main drum and backplate that rotates independently to make laundry move in a dynamic action powered by dual forces. This makes washing more efficient. With this, you can wash and dry your outfits in just three hours2!

Never worry about forgetting pieces of laundry – like a stray sock or two – as the QuickDrive washer dryer comes with an AddWash door3. You can even add in more detergent mid-cycle or hand-washed clothes4 in for a final rinse, if you like.

Control your washer dryer simply via your smartphone, or have it connected to your smart home ecosystem. Samsung’s Q-rator5 AI-powered smart function lets you do that. The features of the Q-rator that serve to add to your convenience include:

• Laundry Recipe:

This recommends the optimal wash cycle6 based on the type of fabric, colour and soiled level of your wash load.

• Laundry Planner:

This intelligently curates your laundry schedule6, 7 by allowing you to set a desired finishing time, so you can come home to clean clothes.

• HomeCare Wizard:

This monitors your washing machine’s condition and gives tips on how best to maintain it. It also provides you with quick and easy remote troubleshooting support.

You can be sure that your laundry will be washed clean, thanks to Samsung’s EcoBubble technology. It froths detergent with air and water before the cycle begins, generating cleansing bubbles that penetrate fabrics and remove dirt faster8 than conventional detergent, so, even though you save time, cleanliness is not compromised. This lets you wash clothes as effectively in cool water as you would in warm water, while saving energy9.

Now, you can do your laundry in a fast, fuss-free and convenient way!

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1 Based on Samsung internal test results, Samsung WD7800M (QuickDrive system) saves up to 50% washing time and up to 20% energy as compared with WD6500K (conventional system), based on Cotton 40°C course, half load (washing performance within ±3%). Tested in accordance with IEC 60456:2010; individual results may vary.

2 Based on Intertek test results, Samsung WD68/7800N on Speed Wash+Dry course achieves up to 97% drying index in 180 minutes on average, based on an IEC standard load of 4kg (cotton pillow 3ea, cotton towel 3ea, synthetic/blends pillow 5ea, synthetic/ blends shirt 11ea), under certain defined test conditions. Individual results may vary. Additional drying for certain items may be required depending on volume and thickness.

3 The AddWash door may be opened only when the drum temperature is below 50°C.

4 Only fabric items, detergent and softener can be added.

5 Requires installation of Samsung SmartThings app on compatible Android or iOS mobile device, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

6 User is solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result from user’s implementation of the recommended wash cycle, including but not limited to any damage to the articles caused by incorrect or incomplete information provided by the user.

7 The wash cycle will be recommended solely based on desired end time, and may not be appropriate based on the type of fabric or soiled level of the articles being washed.

8 Based on Springboard Engineering test results, comparing the degree of dirt removal without mechanical action using bubble technology as compared with conventional detergent, under certain defined test conditions.

9 Based on VDE Testing and Certification Institute testing of Samsung WF1124ZAC, based on Super Eco Wash (Cold Wash) course (with EcoBubble) as compared with Cotton 40°C course (without EcoBubble). Tested in accordance with IEC 60456 5th edition; individual results may vary.

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