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TikTok is great place to explore cool gadgets and tech, which is why we’ve all seen the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit.

8 Viral TikTok Products on Amazon (Home gadgets)

Here, we’ve gathered some interesting and useful products for the home we’ve found on Amazon, as featured on TikTok. 

Viral Tiktok Products (Home)Price
Noorio Outdoor Security Camera$135.99
Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser$38.76
Simjar Item Locator$43.87
Pococo Galaxy Projector Night Light$217.85
Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor Strip Light$24.99
Velihome Electronic Tape Measure with LCD Display$38.80
Personal Neck Fan$39.99
Mofii Keyboard and Mouse Set$119.85
Portable Water Dispenser$45.99
Reusable Rug Gripper$16.99
magnetic cctv

Noorio Outdoor Security Camera

This Noorio Outdoor Security Camera has been making the rounds online thanks to its easy DIY set-up. This all-weather camera can be easily mounted indoors or outdoors with a magnetic mount, with no wiring or installation fees needed.

Its rechargeable built-in battery lasts for a month on a single charge. With its 2K resolution, 16GB internal storage and integration with your phone and Alexa, you can get it set up right away.

@lifetipsfromus One of our favorites gadgets! Link in bio✨ #amazongadgets #amazonmusthaves #easyinstallation #wirelesscamera #securitycamera #securitycameras #smarthome #amazonhome #smartcamera #wificamera #homesecurity #homesecuritysystem #homesecuritycamera ♬ original sound – LifeTipsFromUs

Noorio Outdoor Security Camera is available at Amazon.

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Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Not only does this soap dispenser look cool in any bathroom and is easy to mount, but it can automatically dispense soap with its motion sensor, keeping your sinks free from clutter and soapy messes.

@laurshaps Obsesssed with this touchless soap dispenser for the powder room- link in bio under bathroom organization! #Amazonmusthaves #amazongadgets #amazonfinds #amazonfavorites #gadgets #amazonprime #fyp #onlineshopping #homedecor #homegadgets #bathroomorganization #soapdispenser #amazonfinds2022 ♬ Dutton Ranch Freestyle – David Morris

Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser is available at Amazon.

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remote tracker

Simjar Item Locator

AirTags are great, but aren’t the cheapest or the best use in terms of finding smaller items around the home, such as the TV or aircon remote. That’s where this little gadget comes in. Simply stick the tag to the back of any item you wish, and easily find it with the remote sensor.

@thatisperfect How amazing is this key finder gadget? 🙌 #amazonfinds #tiktokmademebuyit #lifehack #hacks #amazongadgets #viral ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

Simjar Item Location is available at Amazon.

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projector light

Pococo Galaxy Projector Night Light

Transform your room into a stunning galaxy with this Pococo Galaxy Projector. It has 10 color options and adjustable brightness to help you create a relaxing atmosphere or enhance your house parties. The rechargeable battery allows for wireless use and comes with a convenient remote control.

@strawbberriiii beautiful galaxy projector @Pococo_official ⭐️💫✨☄️ #galaxyprojector #galaxylight #projector #pococo #pink #pinkroom #pinksetup #stars #pinkpcsetup #pinkgamingsetup #pinkdesksetup #pinktok #pinktiktok #pinkbedroom #pinkroom #asmr #unboxing #haul #sanrio #sanriotok #unboxingasmr #starprojector #pinkhaul ♬ original sound – alex

Pococo Galaxy Projector Night Light is available at Amazon.

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motion sensor LED lights

Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor Strip Light

Easily light up spaces like your cupboards, pantry and more with this wireless motion sensor strip light that’s chargeable. Installation is easy, and you can even use a few under skirting or along your hallways to light up at night.

@shaza.ark Love these lights! #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #fyp #pantry #motionsensor ♬ what happened in 2022 – Hendrix Beckitt

Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor Strip Light is available at Amazon.

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digital tape measure

Velihome Electronic Tape Measure with LCD Display

Just got that BTO or looking to renovate your current space? Tape measures are cumbersome and require two people for large measurements. Enter this clever electronic tape measure, which slides across surfaces and measures with a high degree of accuracy.

Velihome Electronic Tape Measure with LCD Display is available at Amazon.

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neck fan

Personal Neck Fan

Warmer days are coming, and if you’re looking to save on your utility bills, this nifty little gadget could help. It’s a personal neck fan that’s rechargeable and easy to use or even bring around for when you’re headed to the hawker centre or outdoor dining.

@unboxingexpert Neck fan 👍🏻 #neckfan #fan #cool #summertime #hot #gadget #unboxing #techtok ♬ 原聲 – unboxing expert

Personal Neck Fan is available at Amazon.

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neutral brown coloured keyboard

Mofii Keyboard and Mouse Set

This keyboard and mouse set has gone viral for its aesthetically pleasing looks and functionality. Available in a variety of colour combinations, it features easy plug-and-play use, and an auto-sleep function to save on battery life.

@patriciaaatan Unboxing my Mofii keyboard and mouse set! 🤎 #fyp #shopeefinds #shopeecheck #budolfinds #shopee_ph ♬ original sound – Patricia Tan – PATRICIA TAN

Mofii Keyboard and Mouse Set is available at Amazon.

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Portable Water Dispenser

If you have a little one at home and want to encourage the concept of Montessori, try installing a portable water dispenser that is height-appropriate and accessible for them, so they can easily fill up their drinking cup with water.

Portable Water Dispenser is available at Amazon.

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reusable stick-on rug gripper

16pcs Reusable Rug Gripper

If you have rugs and a robot vacuum, pets, or children at home, you will know the pain of constantly having to save either one of them from a painful tug of war situation. With these reusable rug grippers, you can finally have your rugs stay in place for good, no more rug fights now!

16pcs Reusable Rug Gripper is available at Amazon.

Part of this article was first published in HardwareZone.

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