A baby is coming and your days are about to get busy. Preparation is key, so let's start with the nursery, and how to choose furniture that is safe and practical for your bundle of joy!

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Your baby won't be a baby forever. 

Think about getting a cot that can be converted into a toddler bed or even a single bed or sofa, says Sharon Wong, founder and CEO of nursery retailer Motherswork. That helps you stretch your dollar in the long run, and you won’t have to overhaul the room every so often.


There’s nothing wrong with accepting hand-me-down changing tables, wardrobes and baby clothes from friends or relatives. But when it come sto mattresses, always buy a new one because its more hygienic, advises Denise Ang, general manager of Dynamic Resources, which distributes Babysafe mattresses,

You don’t know how the previous owner cared for it or if it was stored properly,” she explains. “Mould, fungi, and bacteria can thrive on the surface from perspiration and others.”

Choose sheets in soft, natural fibres such as 100 per cent cotton, and a waterproof mattress protector.

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There will be clutter, so  keep the room organised with adequate storage. Pick a changing table with drawers to keep his clothes, towels and fiapers, suggests Sharon. It's more convenient than storing them in a wardrobe as everything is within reach. Storage baskets or toy chests are great ways to decorate the room – choose hues that match the room's colour scheme.


Children are indeed attracted to bold colours, but painting all the walls in citrus, for instance, may cause overstimulation.

"Yellow is the brightest hue in the spectrum and excessive exposure to it may cause fatigue," shares Kitty Tan, marketing manager of Nippon Paint Singapore.

Instead, add only dashes of yellow to white walls – a refreshingly calm yet stylish combination. Other contemporary hues to try are grey or sand, suggests Sharon from Motherswork. They are gender-neutral and can go with a variety of other colours, too.

This article was first published on Young Parents.