Planning to renovate your home, and unsure of what materials to choose for your floors?

BB Deck, a range of Chip Lee Timber’s outdoor flooring material, is durable and requires low to no maintenance.

At Chip Lee Timber’s Floor Empire showroom, you’ll be able to see and compare a wide range of flooring materials such as vinyl tiles, solid and engineered wood, bamboo decking, and laminate flooring. Wood tones bring a touch of warmth into the home environment, and are versatile for use across many interior styles.

Not sure how to care for indoor timber flooring? Here are some tips:

–       Avoid walking on newly coated floors for the first 24 hours.

–       Avoid dragging furniture over coated surfaces.

–       Use dirt-trapping mats at entrances to prevent dust and grit from entering the home and scratching the floors.

–       Sweep floors with a soft bristle broom.

–       Fit legs of furniture with protective pads to reduce risk of scuffing.

–       Don’t use strong chemicals or abrasive floor cleaners.

Don’t forget your outdoor areas, too! At Floor Empire, you can choose from plenty of outdoor timber decking options, such as chengal, burmese teak, bamboo and American oak – all of which are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

For example, its BB Deck range is made from 100 per cent farmed bamboo, and is said to be more durable than traditional timber decking. Installation is done without the use of nails, making it safe for pets and young children. The material’s rich fibrous strands also give it anti-slip properties.

Chip Lee is a timber and plywood supplier with more than 30 years in the business. It supplies wood for wall features, ceiling panels, fencing, trellises, stair treads and handrails; even plywood for carpentry, should you want to create your own decor feature!

It also acquires its wood from sustainable sources and processes the material in its local factory in Kranji.

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