Things often get crazy (and messy) in the kitchen when you’re caught between having to prepare meals while cleaning up at the same time. Don’t you wish you had an extra pair of hands when you’re holding onto a huge pot with both arms and need help switching on the tap to fill it up?

If you have ever counted the number of times you had to manually switch the tap on and off while doing your chores, you’d realise how much more convenient it can be if you had an innovative faucet that frees you from all that twisting and turning.

With the revolutionary Metris kitchen mixer from German kitchen and bath specialist brand hansgrohe, you don’t have to grapple with conventional handles and knobs anymore thanks to the iconic Select button.  The Select button frees you from having to twist or turn the mixer’s handles with your hands, so you don’t have to worry about leaving unsightly fingerprint stains on your stunning mixer.

How does it work?

When beginning your work in the kitchen, you can turn the water on just like conventional single-lever mixer to your desired flow rate and temperature. Then, switch it off by pushing the Select button that sits at the front of the spout.

As the mixer’s lever remains open, you can just activate the Select button each time you require water. The large button makes it easy to access even with the back of your hand, arm or elbow, while getting just the right amount of water you need each time.

It’s sleek and space-efficient.

This system also does not require any additional equipment or electrical wiring to be done, since it works mechanically. Selected Metris Select kitchen mixers can be paired with hansgrohe’s new sBox. The new hansgrohe sBox keeps the base cabinet tidy and it stores the hose of the pull-out spray in a specially-designed flat box. This way, you can still make full use of the undersink space for storage.

With its SoftCube design, hansgrohe Metris Select mixer has an angular form that will complement the rectangular shape of many modern sinks. The spout is also at the perfect height, to ensure there is sufficient space under it, to accommodate tall bottles and larger equipment.

The mixer’s unique form is also designed to pair perfectly with rectangular sinks, such as hansgrohe’s range of SilicaTec granite kitchen sinks, which are designed by Phoenix Design and made in Germany. With a composite material made from quartz and acrylic resins, these sinks are smooth, non-porous, easy to clean, dirt repellent and even stain resistant.

For more information, visit or Hansgrohe Aquademie at 69 Mohamed Sultan Road.

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