Xiaomi’s crowdfunded smart table allows you to adjust the height and width of the table’s legs, so you can use it sitting down, standing up and even in bed.

Looks like there’s no more excuse for you not to get a proper ergonomic work desk at home, all thanks to China’s leading developer of high tech gadgetry and home appliances.

Xiaomi recently carried out a crowdfunding exercise along with partner Squirrey to produce a smart table, which allows users to adjust the height and width of their work tables. The built-in mechanism automatically raises the table without requiring any arm power, and all you need to do is press the button located on the right side of the table. The exercise successfully generated over $1.2 million in funding, and the table is now available to homeowners in Singapore.

For a rather unbeatable price of $328, you get a smart table that not only adjusts the height of the table, the LED display also indicates the height adjusted. It can also be programmed to pre-set up to four different levels so you don’t have to keep toggling the up and down buttons in order to get the height you require. However, if you’re not much of a fuss about such things, there is a more affordable $238 standard version that comes with just the up and down buttons for you to adjust the table height.

The thoughtful design of the $328 smart table includes a control panel that tells you the height of the table, as well as allowing you to pre-set up to four different heights.

While the table width can also be adjusted, unfortunately it can only be done manually. Furthermore, the table surface only comes in one measurement so you’ll probably have to get another table surface if you want to play around with the width of this smart table.

The table can be used while seated, standing or even in bed.
Three colour options are available, ranging from black and white, to walnut woodgrain.

Other advantages of the table includes a sensor that detects blockages during the table height adjustment. For example if the table surface knocks into the chair’s armrest while it is being lowered, the table automatically reverses its action to prevent damage. Brilliant! In addition, the manufacturer also highlights that the machine clocks in at a noise level of below 50 decibels. That’s about as loud as a sparrow’s chirp. Not bad for those who have to work from home, around light sleepers or children.

The table can handle up to 50kg loads, so you can feel free to pile up the books and computer as well as your speakers.

So far, reviews from local buyers have been positive. With many praising the quick delivery and easy assembly. Click here if you’re keen on getting on for yourself of your family members.