Tis’ the season of giving! Have you already bought the gifts for everyone on your list? If you haven’t, it’s still not too late. Here are more gift ideas for your friends who are obsessed with their home spaces. 

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Image: Hipvan

Jamie Oliver Terracotta Tapas Dishes

We all know that one friend who loves to snack all the time. These dishes from renowned celebrity chef Jamie Oliver comes in sets of three, with subtle and muted colours. They're great for simple finger-food and snacks! The Jamie Oliver Terracotta Tapas Dishes retails for $43.90.


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Image: Naiise

Maze Recycled Canvas Bucket

One can never have too many storage spaces in their homes, especially if they’re eco-friendly! This canvas bucket is excellent for holding little home accessories, and even potted plants. They are machine-washable, so all your gifter needs to do is dump these in the washing machine for a quick clean. The Maze Recycled Canvas Bucket retails for $18.


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Image: Naiise

Lucky Cat Coasters

Coasters will always make great gifts! These adorable hand-illustrated ones are quirky yet subtle additions for the home! The Lucky Cat Coasters retail at $22 for a set of four.


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Image: Hipvan

Zoku Social Media Kit

Add a cute twist to popsicles with this handy gift! Now, these sweet treats can be customisable with personal messages or emoticons, simply by making use of the 50 letters, numbers and symbols that the kit provides. The Zoku Social Media Kit retails at $22


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Image: Wheniwasfour

Wheniwasfour Cushions

These witty (and truly Singaporean) cushions are great gift options. Now you can gift your friend something that truly symbolises their personalities, albeit through a humorous and quirky way. These Wheniwasfour Cushions retail for $28.


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Image: Make Room

Display House Box

Let your friend display all his or her knick knacks, or even little figurines with this display box! Shaped like a house, this will surely be a nifty and pleasant addition to any home space. The Display House Box retails for $49.


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Image: In Out 

Fae Terrarium

Give your friend the gift of nature with In Out’s terrariums. Made affordable, these terrariums allow its user to observe and admire life, even from the comfort of their own homes. In Out also does customisation, so you can create a one-of-a-kind terrarium with a unique concept as a personalised gift! The Fae Terrariums starts at $15 for a small-sized one, and can go up to $30 for a large-sized one.