The unique material of this kitchen sink will make cooking and cleaning up so much easier

How much importance do you place on choosing the kitchen sink? Do you find yourself spending more time choosing the countertop, or designing the cabinetry? If so, it’s time to relook your kitchen design strategy, because choosing the right kitchen sink is crucial, too.

Instead of basing your choice of kitchen sink on the empty space left atop your kitchen cabinet, pick one that suits your cooking habits and usage preferences.

The first company to produce stainless steel sinks is Franke, which was established in 1911. It has grown its collection to include sinks that come in Micro Decor material – a stainless steel sheet embossed with Franke-registered pattern, to make the sinks exclusive and unique to the brand.

How are Franke Micro Decor sinks different from traditional sinks? We’ll break it down for you. The material is a high quality 304DDQ stainless steel, which is corrosion- and rust-resistant. The texture of the surface also makes it scratch- and fingerprint-resistant.

There are seven models and dimensions to meet the various needs and preferences of homeowners, with options including single-bowl, single-bowl with drainer, double-bowl, and double-bowl with drainer.

Complement your choice with matching chopper boards, strainers and accessories that will make food preparation a breeze. With these accessories that fit the sink’s dimensions, you can ease up the cooking preparation and cleaning by keeping all pre- and post-cooking utensils in one place — the sink.

Each of these sinks is very stylish too, with an easy-to-fit-in design thanks to its fluid shape. With that in mind, plan ahead when designing your kitchen, and account for all essentials, including the kitchen sink!

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