4 reasons why you should choose wood flooring for your home

Teak has always been one of the most sought after flooring materials for homeowners, simply because of its hardiness, sensual texture and beautiful grain. A well-laid wood floor adds plenty of warmth and cosiness to interiors, making the entire space feel inviting. But do you know that there are much more benefits to wood flooring, other than its timeless look?

Ask Teak, a local specialist in teak flooring, shares the unique aspects of such flooring and reasons why it’s worth the investment.

Are all parquet flooring the same?

No, they are not, but parquet flooring is perfect for indoor use. It comes in smaller dimensions, ranging from 17mm (thickness) by 72mm (width) to 24mm (thickness) by 48mm (width), which makes parquet ideal for use in compact spaces or unique layouts.

There are also different patterns for arranging parquet slabs. Some popular designs include herringbone and chevron patterns.

Tell us more about tongue and groove teak flooring.

Tongue and groove is a type of joint for wood flooring. It requires a specific installation method, where wood pieces are fitted edge to edge and joined seamlessly. This method can be used for interior and exterior spaces, including in the living room, bedrooms, pool decks and gardens, as well as for staircases, pillars and even ceiling and wall claddings, making wood an extremely versatile material to work with. This requires the use of lengthier wood strips – up to 95mm – and is great for larger floor areas.

Is wood flooring safe for use at home, in the presence of the elderly and young children?

Of course! Teak flooring has anti-slip properties that make it suitable for damp areas, such as for bathrooms, pool decks and patios. Burmese teak is also more durable and has a natural fragrance.

Is wood flooring an environmentally friendly choice?

Our company focuses on the sustainability of our materials and being kind to nature. Ask Teak’s wood flooring options are from sustainable sources in Myanmar, where materials are procured from forests that mandate annual allowable cuts, so the natural habitat is protected.

With all these in mind, you’re now ready to get teak flooring and achieve the look and feel you want in your home!

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