A stylish and versatile baby cot that grows with your child

Getting the home ready for your new bundle of joy can be a challenge, with all the child-proofing you need to do around the house before the baby’s arrival. What comes next is designing a beautiful space for the new member of the family, and filling it with the right type of furniture. One of the most essential things to get is a well-made baby cot that provides the best place for your child to rest in.

When choosing furniture for a child’s room, it is always important to consider factors including child-friendly designs, materials safe for kids, and longevity of the product. Children grow up really quickly, so a product that can last through the years as your kid grows, will make your investments more value for money. Wouldn’t it be great if the furniture in your child’s den can evolve as your child grows?

Australian family-owned company Babyhood is an established brand specialising in creating high quality and innovative, award-winning nursery furniture collections. The Kaylula Sova Clear cot is one of its best-selling products, and here’s why this product is also perfect for your family.