Design Intervention is an internationally renowned design studio based in Singapore.


Design Intervention is a multiple award-winning firm helmed by partners Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage. While they pride themselves on their national, regional and international accolades across the full spectrum of projects, including residential, retail and the public sector, they consider the creation of environments that put a smile on the faces of clients their greatest achievements. 

Founder: Nikki Hunt

Partner & Co-CEO: Andrea Savage

Contact: 75E Loewen Road, Tanglin Village

Tel: 6506-0920


FEATURED PROJECT 1: A Luxurious Penthouse Design, Bangkok

This luxurious penthouse was designed for an owner in his thirties, who wished to highlight the magnificent vistas surrounding his home. The four-bedroom unit was reconfigured into a bachelor pad, complete with all the modern features of a lavish upscale abode. The design garnered the Best Apartment Design (Thailand) and World’s Best Bathroom Design (Thailand) at the International Property Awards 2021.

FEATURED PROJECT 2: An Apartment Renovation for a Modern Family

This family loves colour and fine finishes. They wanted their home to exude a luxurious feel but without any hint of stuffiness. They wanted to be surrounded by a fresh, cheerful vibe but also feel spoilt and indulged and with two young children, hardy materials and easy maintenance were paramount.

The family is of Indian heritage and are avid collectors of Indian art. They wanted a home that showcased their collection and heritage in a fresh and modern way, blending the best of East and West.

The apartment is in an older development and had not been renovated since it was first built 40 years ago. The plumbing and electrical wiring required a complete overhaul. There were a plethora of low hanging beams and pipes throughout the unit and the existing ceilings had been dropped to conceal them resulting in a dark and unappealing unit despite the abundance of space. Design Intervention completely reworked the floor plan, and reorganized the area to suit the specific needs of this family, integrating the architectural flaws into the design to create a fresh, bright and cheerful space with a glamorous undercurrent.