As playful and dashingly quirky as its name sounds, Wolf Woof is a design studio dedicated to winning the hearts of hip and modern homeowners.


Wolf Woof is synonymous with a creative and holistic approach to interior design. 

The boutique design studio does not believe in the standard practice of designing cookie-cutter homes. Neither does it go for simply creating picture-perfect spaces. The team believes in crafting personalised spaces that reflect
their owners. 

The firm’s projects have been featured across multiple issues of Home & Decor in 2021, standing out with their unique design styles and contemporary urban approach.

Design Director: Carmen Tang

Contact: Midview City, #08-74, 22 Sin Ming Lane

Tel: 9842-1730


FEATURE PROJECT 1: A 1,092 sq ft apartment in Rivercove Residences

“When my clients told me they wanted a Scandi style for their new home, my internal siren went off immediately,” Carmen Tang says with a laugh, explaining, “I don’t hate the style but I loathe the typical boring cookie cutter look of many Scandi homes.” Thankfully, the clients shared the same sentiment as her and were on board with the proposition of interpreting the style in a fresh way. The result: An adorable space that is jam-packed with interestig design features and brimming with cuteness from every corner.

Carmen’s attention to detail extends to unique touches, like the black bird perched atop the black beam framing off the television area in the living room. 

Quirky signs and an indoor greenwall reflect the vibrant and youthful personalities of the family members.  

FEATURE PROJECT 2: A 904 sq ft home in central Singapore

When the owners of this home requested for a colour palette of white and blue, with hints of yellow, in their brief, Carmen immediately thought of adopting a Mediterranean theme for the interiors. Carmen’s bold and unique approach to the look gave the space an invigorating atmosphere teeming with liveliness and mirth. 

The navy blue accents in the home are cleverly balanced out with white walls to evoke an airy and cosy vibe. 

Custom-made planters also function as door handles for the cabinets concealed behind the panels next to the sofa.


FEATURE PROJECT 3: A 1,334 sq ft HDB unit in Redhill

The owners longed for a home with a retro style executed in a sophisticated manner. Here, the wood texture of the feature wall anchors the vintage look of this home, complemented by other elements, such as the breeze blocks and vintage lamps.