Top of the Class 2022


It can be a challenging task trying to find a good interior design firm, one that understands your needs and who is also able to interpret your requirements into a well-thought out design proposal.

Over the course of 2021, Home & Decor featured over a hundred local homes in the magazine and on the website, highlighting the quality and aptitude of these Singapore-based interior design teams capable of offering interesting design solutions to the various spatial challenges and time or budgetary constraints. Particularly impressive were the projects completed during the pandemic, where labour and materials were in short supply and meetings had to be conducted remotely.

The annual Top of the Class awards is a list of the most outstanding interior design firms chosen from among all the homes that were featured last year. These studios stood out with their flawless execution combining excellent design knowledge and impressive use of materials, colour and architectural elements. The teams recognised in this presentation constantly push the boundaries of unique home interior design and raise the bar in terms of client expectations and relationship management with the homeowner.