A bohemian décor style is free-spirited, relaxed, and absolutely charming. Perfect for homeowners who possess similar characteristics, boho chic is a look that can be pulled together with a few easy decoration pointers. But as this decor style is all about making it look effortless, don’t fret over nailing down the perfect look for your home – just let your individualism take over and go with décor accessories that pleases you most. 

1. Fill the space with richly coloured drapery, upholstery, and feature walls.  (Interior design by Recaptured)

2. Colourful accessories that appear beat up and worn out help inject an eclectic bohemian accent. (Styling by Make Room)

3. Include florals – be it pale and pretty or vivid and invigorating like on this wallpaper – to give the theme a romantic flair. (Interior design by Design Intervention)

4. For something more laidback and effortless, opt for paler shades and more feminine motifs. (Interior design by Maramiri)

5. Contrasting hot colours like purple with earthy wooden tones results in an effortlessly balanced look for the space. (Interior design by Aiden T)

6. Mix different contemporary art pieces in folk-inspired tones to express boho chic in a fresh approach. (Interior design by Miaja Design Group)

7. A bohemian-themed home should always feel warm and inviting. So throw cushions and plush sofas in comforting fabrics will usually do the trick. (Interior design by Design Intervention)

8. Accessories like antiques, travel-themed curios, and Moroccan artefacts like these help tie up the boho theme effortlessly. (Interior design by Metaphor Studio)

9. If you’re bold, let loose and indulge in a palette of contrasting hot colours for an eclectic touch. (Interior design by )

10. A niche can also be turned into a simple vignette by dressing it up with Middle East-inspired decorative tiles. (Interior design by Aiden T)
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