Kid's room

Stick by these 10 golden rules, and you’ll be able to give your child a room that he’ll want to rest, study and play in!

#1 Zone according to function
Establish specific areas for certain tasks. Provide a work and play area to prevent clutter and stop your child from doing his schoolwork on the bed.

#2 Safety first
Furniture corners should be rounded and placed away from windows. Slow-closing hinges can prevent fingers from being caught in drawers or cabinet doors. Socket covers, cupboard catches and corner protectors provide increased protection.

#3 Provide storage
To encourage a child to tidy up and organise his things, provide adequate storage and keep storage solutions easy to reach.

#4 Get the right lights
A warm white light for general illumination of the room after the sun goes down, and a task light for schoolwork. Your child may require night lights too.

#5 Use colour 
Colours can soothe or stimulate, so choose wisely! Blue, pale shades of green or neutral hues can be used to calm children. Bright-colours be stimulating and may affect winding down.

#6 Include your child in the decor process
It allows him to express his personality and creativity, and encourages him to keep his personal space clean.

#7 Buy a proper mattress
A firm mattress is needed to support a child’s growing body. For children suffering from asthma and/or dustmite allergies, mattresses made from antimicrobial or hypoallergenic materials can help.

#8 Consider ergonomics
Getting the right desk for your child is crucial. Their bodies should be relaxed and in a neutral position, and their feet must be fully flat on a surface when in use. Height-adjustable desk and chairs would be ideal as they can be adjusted to your child’s comfort. 

#9 Go for health-conscious materials
Children have delicate immune systems, so you’ll want to make sure that their room is safe for rest and play. Fortunately, there are health-focused finishes in today’s market. Go for “healthy” paint options like Porter’s Paints (available at John Erdos Home) that is VOC-free, or Dulux Pure that has antibacterial properties. If you’re going with laminates, Greenlam Laminates has a range with antibacterial properties, too.

#10 Be flexible with the decor theme
The furniture and accessories in a child’s room should be versatile enough to adapt to his changing needs. Remember to select a flexible decor theme; you may need to rework it once every 5 years!