Do you spend hours on Pinterest ogling at homes with interiors that are filled with white walls, light wood, and lots of natural light? Well, the good news is that it’s possible to have a home like that in Singapore! Just check out these relaxing dream homes to get some interior design ideas for your own space.


1.    With lots of natural light filtering in and a white and light wood scheme, this jumbo HDB flat’s open-concept wash area resembles the interiors of modern Japanese homes.
(Interior design by Desmond Ong)

2.    Touches of blonde wood brought in by the faceted cabinet’s veneer and wooden dining table and bench, together with the white walls and ceiling, balance out the concrete floor’s raw textures to create a harmonised interior for the apartment.
(Interior design by Produce)

3.    A kitchen decked out in white cabinets and pale wood floors may not be the easiest to maintain. But if cleanliness is your middle name, you’ll be pleased at how Scandinavian the space can look with those two elements!
(Interior design by Aiden T)

4.    Other than white walls, blonde wood floors also pair gorgeously well with crisp white and soothing cream-hued furniture.
(Interior design by Grafunkt)

5.    White walls and light wood furniture come together to create a timeless, gentle aesthetic. But if you want to add a dash of personality to that, throw rough textures into the mix, such as with a white brick wall.
(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

6.    When it comes to light wood floor decorating ideas, look to wooden furniture in the same shade as your floor to create a better visual flow between the different zones.
(Interior design by Dwell Interior Design)

7.    To bring in some variety to the home decor, use different tones of white and brown. Here, off white floors and crisp white walls were chosen, together with light oak for the cabinets, and chairs with legs in a similar but lighter shade.
(Interior design by EHKA Studio)

8.    If you’re a fan of the minimalist Japanese style home décor, a platform bed with a base that’s clad in light wood laminate would be the way to go for your bedroom!
(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)

9.    Don’t you love just how clean-cut and graceful light oak looks against a white surface? The cream hued bedding definitely adds to the serenity of this restful bedroom.
(Interior design by Produce)

10.    Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a neutral home decor theme. Without much décor accessories, this minimalist bedroom proves that white, grey, and light brown bring out the best in each other.
(Interior design by Dwell Interior Design)

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