Not sure what pendants to get to create the right mood and style for your dining space? These 10 pairings will jazz up your mealtimes, and when you have guests over, they make for great topics of conversation, too!

1. The spectrum of colours on this pendant lamp creates an abstract pop of colour in this bright and airy dining room.

(Interior design by 2From Interior Design)


2. The elegant Flos Zepplin lamp adds a design edge to this earth-toned dining area. 

(Interior Design by Free Space Intent)


3. The geometric form of this lamp provides an edgy contrast to the room's dark timber aesthetics.

(Interior design by Audrey Lee Interiors)


4. The angular elements of this contemporary dining area is balanced with a pendant lamp that is rounded all over.

(Interior design by Project File)


5. Instead of a single pendant lamp, add dynamism to a space with a group of light fixtures. The different shapes of each shade easily prevent a space from becoming one-dimensional.

(Interior design by Frame Interior)


6. To keep this dining space from looking too traditional and expected, twin metallic industrial-style lampshades were installed for a dash of modernity.

(Interior design by Design Channel)


7. Coupled with the concrete screed floor and walls, these wire frame pendant lamps complete the industrial vibe of this dining area. We especially love the interesting shadows cast when the lights are switched on!

(Interior design by Project File)


8. Clustered lampshades make a definite statement piece for your dining area. Your guests won't be able to take their eyes off this unique piece!

(Interior design by 19sixtyseven)

9. This trio of clear glass pendants in mismatched shapes complement the neutral colour tone and furnishings in the dining area well.

(Interior design by Distinct Identity)

10. These shiny metal light fixtures look fresh out of a sci-fi movie, along with the rest of this minimalistic dining area.

(Interior design by Aiden T.)