Cracking your brains over what to do with that shallow niche in the wall or that pesky bay window that’s eating up precious floor area? See how these designers and homeowners put their creative juices to good use by appropriating these imperfect areas into slick design features.

1.    To many, bay windows are a “waste” of usable floor area. But the designers of this home interior project embraced it readily and turned it into a storage area instead.
(Interior design by Story Of Us)

2.    See the concrete bricks detail on the wall with an embedded mirror? Its main intention is actually to even out the original niche in the wall – brilliant or what!
(Interior design by Proj. B Studio)

3.    One foolproof method of concealing unsightly columns and overhead beams is to construct cabinets around it. By doing so, you can mold the silhouette of your home more deliberately.
(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)

4.    Taking inspiration from the lofts in New York, the designer created an exposed brick wall on one side of the living room, and filled the original gap in the wall by placing faux windows in front of it.
(Interior design by Space Sense)

5.    What’s the best way to make a bedroom’s bay window work twice as hard? Extend it further into the room and treat it like base for your bed. The extended portions can then be customised into deep drawers for additional storage – the perfect spot for storing extra sets of pillows and bed linen!  
(Interior design by The Scientist Pte Ltd)

6.    The interior designer for this home took advantage of the master bedroom’s awkward layout to craft out a large walk-in wardrobe along the slanted wall.
(Interior design by The Cottage Crafts)

7.    Using deep drawers to utilise the otherwise dead space under the staircase is a neat way to stow away bulky items. A pull-out compartment like this also allows all the items stored to be easily accessible.
(Interior design by Artistroom)

8.    In order to create a cleaner outline for the angular kitchen, the designers filled the nook with a wall mounted counter top which doubles as the couple’s dining table.
(Interior design by White Space Living)

9.    For more vanity space in your narrow bathroom counter, opt for semi-recessed basins. As they extend slightly out of the counter, it leaves you with more surface area neat the sink to place your bathroom essentials.
(Interior design by Aiden T)

10.    And don’t forget how important kitchen cabinet features such as corner drawers are when it comes to maximising storage space!
(Interior design by Collective Designs)

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