If you’re a fan of crisp Scandinavian interiors, here are some ideas for you to blend the kids’ room with the rest of the home. 

1. If you’d like to stick to a monochrome base, introduce different shades of another vibrant colour – such as pink – to add more playfulness into the space.

2. Well-illustrated books lend themselves as lively decor for any child’s room.

3. Keep the base white and throw in fun elements such as beanbags, buntings, and Scandinavian kids accessories for a fresh and invigorating look.

4. Want a room that your child can grow into? We suggest keeping the palette and decor simple, and employ the help of a bold wall mural or decal to add impact.

5. Kids rooms are typically a smorgasbord of clashing colours – just mute the tones down a notch to achieve an elegant Nordic feel for the space.

6. If you’ve got a soft spot for the more feminine tones, contrast it with a geometric wallpaper to create a more contemporary look.

7. We love the idea of tying up furniture and wall art together for a simple yet absolutely fun “installation” – I’m sure the kids will love it too.

8. Light brown and grey makes for an elegant and calming palette for a nursery.

9. When it comes to mixing patterns (such as dots and stripes), be mindful to have contrasting proportions – you don’t want two competing elements. Tie them up with a singular colour scheme for a more polished finish.

10. Don’t underestimate the impact a large canvas can bring to a clean, white space. To make it extra special, hand the children a bunch of pastel paints and get them to create their own abstract art for their room. 

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