Looking for lighting for your home? More than just another light source, these sculptural lamps will make a statement in your interiors.

The commanding presence of the Moooi Horse lamp dominates this living room.

The rough-hewn edges of the brick wall and unfinished look of the coffee table lend texture to a room that would otherwise have looked too polished. Teapot and cup from Egg3 Playfair.

(Interior design by Fuse Concept)

This shell chandelier over the tub adds to the glamorous, feminine feel of the bathroom.

(Interior design by Design Intervention)

The Flos Rosy Angelis floor lamp helps to add much needed height to the furnishings of this living room set. 

(Interior design by Project File)

A conversation piece, this floor lamp is the perfect addition to a home with a masucline aesthetic.

(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

Create drama in the bathroom with this eccentric cherry-shaped pendant lamp.

(Interior design by Museum)

Like a giant study lamp, the floor lamp adds a quirky touch to the space.

(Interior design by Zara Interior)

Bring nature in with this floor lamp. Doesn’t the thick wooden base remind you of a tree trunk?

(Interior design by Make Room)

If you’re afraid that an oversized lamp may look too bulky, get one in white! This Mushroom Metropolis lamp by Kare fits perfectly in this monochromatic space.

(Interior design by Three-d Conceptwerke)

The retro-looking studio floor lamp gives this living room an industrial edge.

(Interior design by Fuse Concept)

A chandelier usually doesn’t work well with a low ceiling, but in this basement, it creates a dramatic statement.

(Interior design by Design Intervention)

We love how the Fortuny floor lamp adds an old world charm to this living room.

(Interior design by Space Sense)

This all-white floor lamp with geometric details is a great way to add texture to a minimalist space.

(Interior design by The Interarch Design)

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