While black and white interiors risk appearing harsh or overbearing, it can also be timeless and sophisticated when done well. Here are some ways to keep the bold colour theme looking chic and feeling cosy.   

  1. To prevent your black and white kitchen from looking too clinical, we suggest injecting some elements of fun – such as using these whimsical Fornasetti plates as wall art. 

  1. Soften the harsh contrast of the two polarising colours by bringing in accessories with relaxed, rounded silhouettes.

  1. Jazz up the space with bold patterns in the form of soft furnishings (in the form of wallpaper, upholstery, or curtains here) to bring up the décor’s tempo.

  1. Flowers and plants literally breathe life into any monochromatic home.  

  1. Add a humanistic touch to the colour scheme with a wall filled with candid black and white family photographs. 

  1. Wooden elements, be it a raw, rustic side table or light pine floorings, will give a space that’s devoid of colours a sense of warmth and cosiness. 

  1. Applied generously, bold black and white striped wallpapers can greatly energise a monochromatic space.

  1. Create visual depth within a stark black and white space by layering – such as with art prints and cushions here. It also gives the space an intimate, lived in vibe.

  1. Turn your pad into a cosy den with warm lighting rather than crisp task lightings, which might make the colour scheme appear too harsh.

  1. Introduce organic shapes and comforting textures to soften the use of black – a colour which can sometimes feel a little overbearing. 

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