Peranakan tiles have been trendy for quite some time, and we’re seeing more local homeowners opting for invigorating patterned floorings over homogenous tiles. Here are some ways to jazz up your floors, walls, and even headboard with some striking tiles.

1. Keep the outlook of your space grounded by drawing parallels between the colour schemes of the furniture and flooring.  

2. Incorporate small doses of patterns with a customised headboard with traditional Peranakan tiles. (Interior design by Design Channel Pte Ltd)

3. Use graphic tiles selectively as a way to zone different sections of the home. (Interior design by The Interarch Design)

4. Black and white hexagonal tiling can add an old school charm to a contemporary space. (Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

5. Can’t decide on which graphic tile you like best? Mix and match them for a quirky ensemble, and stick to a uniform palette to make it easier on the eyes.

6. Mix up parquet and tile floorings for an unexpected and delightful effect.

7. Set an ordinary niche apart by cladding it with kitschy decorative tiles for a charming contrast.

8. We love this elegant idea of mixing wood and porcelain for a minimal yet decorative twist to the well-loved herringbone flooring.

9. Larger patterns, such as these bold chevrons, create more impact with less visual clutter.

10. An all-white kitchen is wonderfully spiced up with an audacious collection of clashing graphic floor tiles.

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