This National Day, do more than just display the flag and show some national pride stylishly with these creative and quirky Singapore-inspired designs!


1. Golden Mile 1, taken by German photographer Philipp Aldrup is a photograph print featuring the Golden Mile Complex on Beach Road, one of Singapore’s first post-colonial high-rise buildings. It represents the years of growth and change the 41-yeard-old building has experienced.

The Golden Mile 1, $460, from Art Loft.

2. The Tingkat (multi-levelled food container) is the equivalent of today’s Tupperware containers. Chemistry’s retro-chic version, plastered with scenes of Singapore’s iconic Rochor Centre flats and other designs, will take you back to a time when these carriers were more commonly used to dabao (take away) food.

Re-thinking The Tingkat by Chemistry, from $30, is available at Artistry Café.

3. Think you know the story of The Three Little Pigs? Then read artist Casey Chen’s version, The Three Little Pigs Lah, which gives the well-loved tale a humourous Singapore spin. Read with a Singlish accent!

The Three Little Pigs Lah, $16, by Casey Chen is available at Books Kinokuniya.

4. The Everyday Singapore range of cushions designed by textile designer Deborah McKellar from Talking Textiles Studio is a casual and fun way to celebrate national icons such as the Merlion. Their imagery has been reinterpreted as eye-catching prints and patterns for textiles.

Everyday Singapore cushions, $95 each, by Talking Textiles Studio can be purchased from Commune and the Raffles Shop at the Raffles Hotel.

5. Quirky illustrations of various local dishes, landmarks and activities make up the Things I_in Singapore series by Jacqueline Goh of The Fingersmith Letterpress. She has also produced a limited-edition National Day series.

Things I _ in Singapore post cards, $3.50 each, by The Fingersmith Letterpress are available at, Cat Socrates and Design Museum Singapore.

6. Local company Supermama has produced a special One Singapore plate that encapsulates the Singapore experience with 65 icons. Each plate comes with a booklet, and the project was supported by the National Archives of Singapore.

One Singapore, $65, from Supermama.

7. If you’ve always adored Singapore’s colourful and unique heritage Shophouses, you can now create your own mini streetscape with the Shophouse Tin Can from Farm. Each side of the tin is decorated with different shophouses, so have fun putting together your own panoramic view when you line several of them up!

Shophouse Tin Can, $8 each, by Farm is available at

8. You’re not a true-blue Singaporean unless you know your "mee", or noodles. But if you need some brushing up, this A3-sized Mee print — a true-to-size classificaiton of traditional noodles — by Shu Han Lee might come in handy.

Mee print, $12, by Shu Han Lee is available at

9. Artist Jahan Loh of Happy Rabbit Co pays tribute to his grandfather and our unique kopitiam culture with his kitschy reinvention of the local kopi-drinking experience. Each coffee cup set includes a cup and saucer in a decorative tin box.

Happy Rabbit Coffee Cup Set, $30, by Happy Rabbit Co is available at

10. Embrace Singapore’s architectural heritage with the Embrace Me collection by Scene Shang. Illustrations of local buildings that best demonstrate Asian Art Deco, such as The Cathay and Aliwal Arts Centre, are featured on the cushion covers.

Embrace Me cushion covers, $20 each, available at Scene Shang.

11. Instead of using one Peranakan tile as a coaster, get the best of four with each of these coasters from Goods of Desire. The Peranakan Coaster Set features a collage of attractive patterns and colours inspired by elements commonly used in the past for interior and building decoration.

Peranakan Coaster Set, $35 for a set of four, available at Goods Of Desire.

12. Commemorating local everyday heroes such as the Samsui woman, the candy man and the satay man is local artist Safaruddin Abdul Hamid (aka Dyn). His new solo exhibition is a series of acrylic paintings depicting people who have played a role in building the nation.

Everyday Heroes exhibition runs from 7 to 24 August at Chan Hampe Galleries. The artworks are for sale.