Aluminium foil isn't just good for keeping your food warm, it is the perfect material for plenty of other household uses! Because it is great at conducting heat, has a fabulously malleable structure and is just so pretty and shiny, it should be every home's essential item. Not convinced? Here are 15 of our favourite uses for it that might just change your mind..

1) Keep your scissors sharp by cutting through several sheets of aluminium foil.
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(Image: MrsPollyRogers)

2) Crumple foil into a ball and use it as a make-shift dryer sheet!
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3) Protect door knobs, door handles and light switches while you paint a room.

4) Make clean up easier by covering your paint tray with foil and balling it up after painting.

5) Place tarnished pieces of silverware in an aluminium foil-wrapped dish. Fill it with boiling water and several spoonfuls of salt. The checmical reaction will help remove the tarnish!

6) Get rid of rust by rubbing a ball of aluminium foil into the spots.

7) Speed up the ironing process by placing a piece of aluminium foil under your ironing board cover. The heat is conducted through to the foil, smoothening out wrinkles, faster.
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(image: ElizabethStreet)

8) If you're out of AA batteries, you can use AAA batteries temporarily and fill in the gaps with small balls of aluminium foil.

9) Use it as a funnel! The mallable material can be moulded into a makeshift funnel for the desperate.

10) Decrust your pots, pans and grills. Scrunch the foil into a ball and rub the surfaces to remove grime build-up.

11) Move furniture easily. Place pieces of aluminium under the legs of your furniture and it should slide smoothly. Remember, dull-side facing the bottom! It's smoother than the shiny side.

12) Use it while dying your hair. Need I say more? We bet your hairdresser wraps strands of coloured hair in little pockets of aluminium foil and leaves it dangling around your face to rest. It really helps the colour set!
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(image: Ask)

13) Clean your iron by ironing a piece of aluminium foil. Any build-up of starch should easily come off.

14) Create various forms of disposable cutlery. The beauty of aluminium foil lies in its mallable structure. Simply mould it into the shape you want, reinforce its structure with several layers of foil and you've got a sturdy plate, cup or bowl!
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15) Use it to seal food in plastic bags. Simply fold down the top of the plastic bag, wrap it in aluminium foil and use an iron to heat the plastic. The plastic should melt, leaving you with an airtight baggie.
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(image: Lifehacker)