Years of the Dog – 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

Nothing is ever achieved without some trials and tribulations. The first step in moving beyond those circumstances is to remain positive. When you reverberate positivity – the quality of your thoughts and feelings improve. Remember that you can’t control everything in life, relationships or business, so embrace the adversity and dig in even further to drive a positive outcome.

A solid financial backup plan will be your line of defence against the constant possibility of monetary loss this year. Don’t be so quick to invest your money as a means to counter this lacklustre wealth period. Avoid high-risk investments at all costs and focus more on simply saving money.

Influential people will have your back in the professional space, deterring potential backstabbers and opportunists from fully exploiting you. Be sure to show your appreciation of the people in power who will assist you; by aligning your efforts with those who have greater authority, you stand a fair chance of turning your career prospects around.

Love-struck couples and wedded pairs may be more likely to fall sick, which is why it’s a good time for them to show more affection, care and consideration towards each other. The Dog may also easily misunderstand their partner’s words and intentions this time around, so it may be wise for them to eye their loved one’s body language instead of just what they say.

You won’t have any difficulties finding the best medical assistance should your health deteriorate, though it’s far better if you take care of your wellbeing before it comes to that. Minor physical injuries are also more likely this 2020, so avoid extreme activities especially if you have no prepared any essential safety measures beforehand.

This forecast was made by Chinese metaphysics consultant Joey Yap