Renovating a small space? These four strategies will multiply the usable space in your small home!

1. Install an extendable worktop

The kitchen of this 400sqf loft apartment was more like a pantry. To increase the space for preparing meals and cooking, the designer at The Interarch Design fitted an extendable worktop, which looks just like a drawer when closed.

table, extendable table, small space, loft, condo


2. Go for wall-hung shelving or ledges

Don’t let a small space deprive you of places for displaying what you love. In this three-room HDB flat by IO Man’s Style Kounsel, the designer (also the homeowner), installed a narrow ledge along one wall of the living room to hold his accessories and artwork. The line of lamps above are a great decorative touch.

HDB flat, three-room flat, apartment, living room, shelf, shelving, small space


3. Bench seating 

Using benches in your dining area instead of individual chairs saves loads of space. As they are pushed against the wall, their footprint is smaller, yet they can seat more people. This design is by The Interarch Design.

condo, small space, loft, apartment, bench seating, kitchen, dining room


4. Look for opportunities to place storage

The idea is to look out for areas where you can combine storage areas into the design of structures in your home, such as in this condo apartment by Project File, where the designer made use of the space under the stair treads for storage. 

condo, apartment, loft, stairs, storage, small space

small space, condo, apartment, loft, storage, stairs


If you’re building furniture, here’s a great idea from a loft apartment. The Interarch Design built compartments within the bespoke study table, which the wife can use to store her cosmetics, creating a study cum dressing table. The cosmetics are retrieved by opening the top flap of the table.

dressing table, bedroom, study table, loft, condo, small space

dressing table, storage, small space, loft, apartment, condo, bedroom, study table