If you’re thinking of giving your home a facelift with a fresh coat of paint or new colour scheme, a good source of inspiration for modern colour combinations would be AkzoNobel’s (Dulux paints comes under them) Colour Futures 2015. Other than naming Copper Orange as the Colour of the Year 2015, they’ve also put together 5 colour palettes for the home that range from high energy colours to quiet shades.    

Earthy tones

Instead of sticking to safe beiges, explore darker, more modern variations of brown, and pair it with mustard or light grey for contrast. This earthy colour combination lends the space a rustic-inspired foundation that can easily be built upon with wooden furniture and white porcelain accessories.

Soft, layered pastels

Getting bored of safe colour palettes and typical colour combinations? Let your colourful personality shine through by including a range of refreshing pastels instead! You can start with an off-white base, and bring in touches of lilac, eggshell blue, peach, and lemon all under one roof. The result is a hushed palette that’s also absolutely invigorating.

Quiet shades

Understated, sophisticated, and controlled, using an assortment of dark and light shades of cool neutrals creates an interior space that’s classic and elegant. This calming and subtle colour scheme would be perfect for the bedroom as it helps one to unplug and let the mind rest.

Pairing warm and cool hues

It’s absolutely possible for a space to be both masculine and feminine at the same time. Juxtaposing conventionally girly shades like powder pink with macho ones like slate grey has a rather androgynous effect, making it an ideal colour scheme for households with both genders!

High energy colours

If your home is in need of a dollop of youthful energy, open your mind to experimental palettes that showcase high octave colour pairings. Think lime with ochre, or coral with charcoal grey. This fun bunch of colours would also work beautifully to complement cooler shades.

All images by AkzoNobel.

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