Let's assume you 100% eligible to purchase a HDB resale flat, and that you've run though the resale flat purchase checklist from HDB. Don't whip out your deposit for the first home you see! Stew over the potential resale flats. No need to sweat over making your agent wait, let him or her know you need a few more days to mull over the home.

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Better he or she wait for a few days than you regretting your home for the next five years! Don't worry… If your agent receives a better offer, he or she will definitely let you know. They're probably hoping that you'll make a counter offer!

It's important to stew over your choices so that you can consider all options first, and see if the home you're about to choose will fit into your life for a good long while. To help you make the decision, we've picked out 6 key considerations for you to run through:

1. Location, location, location
Not only is this the cause of differing prices in various housing estates, it can make a big difference to your waking and sleeping hours depending on where you work. Imagine finding the perfect home in the middle of Tampines, only to remember that your office is in Tuas. Two hour long commute for just one way? No thank you!

2. Neighbourhood
Get to know the neighbourhood first and see if it meets your needs. If you don't drive, you'll want to make sure transport is easily available, and that there are necessary amenities close by. Look at the surrounding map, walk around the place and decide if you can really call the neighbourhood home. Personally, this writer can't do without a hawker centre!

3. Condition of the flat
Remember a resale flat will have had several owners before you, so you should understand that wear and tear is not uncommon. The seller should have had his house inspected by HDB before putting it up on the market, but you should keep an eye out for trouble spots on your own as well. Check the age of the fixtures, if they look old enough to crumble at your fingertips, you should bring it up to your agent. The quality of the home's plumbing, electrical wiring and others play a role in how much you will have to spend renovating the place. No point getting a cheap flat if you'll have to spend more on renovation!

4. History of the flat
Why is the owner selling the flat? Moving to a newer, larger location? Leaving the country? More often than not, the reasons are perfectly harmless, but short of becoming a busybody, find out why the owner is leaving, you don't want any nasty surprises! Horror story: This writer's uncle purchased a five room HDB flat in Pasir Ris, renovated, unpacked and held his housewarming party. A week later, he woke up to find his doors and windows covered in red paint with O$P$ scrawled on the corridor wall. Turns out the previous owner fled his home to get away from loan sharks! Moral of the story: Ask. Ask. Ask.

5. Surrounding environment
Be wary of the elements around your potential home. Is it close to a highway? Will you get afternoon or morning sun? A good gauge would be to visit the home twice. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Not only will this allow you to physically understand how the sun will affect your home, it also allows you to check on the volume of traffic at two different times to see if the noise level will affect your abode! Be sure to ask the owner about pests, mosquitos and other creepy crawlies too. Homes living close to parks are mostly affected by this. As plenty of pests are active in the evening, winding down at home cause be a little frustrating if the more nocturnal ones fly into your home from the park.