Decor that stands out doesn't have to shout. This quietly impressive home by Frame Interior makes use of subtle details that are surprising and different, to create a style all its own. We single out five of these delightfully unexpected design features. 

1. We love the wood turned legs of the dining table. Painted white, this single classic element in the dining and kitchen area adds a quirky touch to the predominantly contemporary look of the space.


2. Now you see it, now you don't. The cubby holes built into this false wall are perfect for a kid to stash away his treasured books.


3. Installing parquet flooring in the kitchen is a bold move. The homeowners also eschewed typical kitchen cabinetry for storage which looks more like a large display cabinet, putting everything behind closed doors on full show!


4. Instead of having a conventional box-like built-in cabinet to hide the plumbing in the master bathroom, the designers turned a table into a counter for a washbasin! Stylish baskets below are great for hiding clutter.


5. Playing up the drama in this small space, the designers built tall bookcases on both sides of the window, and installed wall-mounted lights at their sides. With the parted curtains in the middle, the design celebrates the beauty of symmetry. 


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