HDB balconies can be ridiculously small, or possibly just large enough for a few plants, here's some great ideas on ways to make use of the space:

1) Bring some greenery into your home

For homes that follow a monochrome theme, a patch of artificial turf should brighten up your home!
This ID made use of the greenery and bird decals to bring life to the sparse area.


2) Make use of vertical space

Aside from a vertical green wall, make use of the walls for storage too.

3) Make use of the balcony railing

Constructing a little bar-counter will give you a great view from your balcony while helping you save space.

4) Keep it clean and simple!

If you want to prevent clutter, just leave two small chairs (in this home's case, child-sized chairs!) outside for yourself to enjoy the view.
Like this home, keep the table just on the inside of the balcony.

5) Double-duty seating with storage!

Sounds impossible? But it is possible! But we'd suggest keeping this idea to a child-free zone. You won't want your little ones clambering over the edge! A little storage box, with fluffy cushions, could be the solution to give you a storage and seating option in your tiny balcony.

6) A mini swing!

A different look from the regular egg swing chair, this tiny swing, just large enough for one person, will add a touch of country-chic to your balcony.